Avatar Names: Name your Baby as the Next Avatar

Eventhough it is just a show, The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra include some of the greatest names with the most powerful and beautiful meanings. Pick some up and hope that your baby will grow up as great as these characters. - Created by DanaeLlama

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  • Aang

    First of all, the first Avatar protagonist! His carefree personality matches well with this name, which means "peaceful soaring" in Chinese. It could possibly be derived from a Latin verb which means "bend"

  • Asami

    This beauty's name has one of the most fascinating meanings. It means "morning beauty" in Japanese

  • Azula

    Great choice for a girl with blue eyes, as it is derived from spanish word "azur", which means blue.

  • Bolin

    Means "rain" in Chinese and "orator" in Indian. No matter which meaning you choose, it's a name worth considering.

  • Bumi

    Oh, that crazy wonderful king. His name means "earth". Wish your baby will be as funny as both Bumis are.

  • Ikki

    Great choice for a horse-loving baby, as it means "horse" in japanese

  • Iroh

    That tea-loving wise old man we all love. His name means "old" or "beautiful river" in Mandarin, and has an amasing strong sound.

  • Jinora

    My all time favourite name, combining the wonderful name Nora with the strong and elegant J sound. It is possibly derived from the chinese words for gold, bright or embroidered; and graceful

  • Katara

    The mom-like figure of the party. Her name comes from many origins and has a lot of different meanings, but it generally means "blessed" or "pure".

  • Korra

    Wonderful variation of the greek Cora, which comes from the word "Core" (kO-ree) and means "maiden" or "daughter"

  • Kyoshi

    An other traditional japanese name which means quiet. Lets hope that your baby would want to bath in clear water and not in your enemies' blood.

  • Lin

    Chief Beifong, sister of Su and daughter of Toph. It could be derived from Lyhn or Linda, which mean "lake"

  • Mai

    This name literaly has limitless meanings and origins. In Chinese means "elegance", in Vietnamese means "cherry blossom",while in Japanese means "dance" but, also, "coyote".

  • Mako

    In Japan, Mako means "the child of truth"

  • Meelo

    Greek word name for "apple" (cutest meaning ever), but it may also referring to Milo.

  • Momo

    Japanese word for peach. However, it's better as a name for a pet or as a nickname for Morgan or Maureen

  • Ozai

    Derived from japanese word for great wealth

  • Pema

    Not impressive enough as a name but it means "lotus" in Tibetan, so it is worth considering. It is specifically referring to the lotus Buddha sits on

  • Rohan

    Originally Indian, but it could be also derived from the irish Rowan. It means sandalwood.

  • Roku

    Traditional name in Japan, which means "six" and is referring to the sixth child in the family. It is both given to boys and girls, and has a really nice sound.

  • Suki

    Means "beloved" in Japanese, similar to Daisuki.

  • Sokka

    Who doesn't love this sarcastic meat lover?

  • Tenzin

    His collected personality matches well with this name, which means "upholder of teaches" in Tibetan. Tenzin is also the kami (god/spirit) of wisdom in Japan.

  • Toph

    This strong earthbender's name means expranding hibiscus. It's an excellent choice for a child born or going blind, it will cheer they up everytime and make them mentally strong.

  • Ty-Lee

    This wonderful dancer's name means calm and beautiful in Taiwanese

  • Zhao

    Apart from this bad guy's personality, his name has a wonderful meaning. It means "above and beyond all" in Chinese

  • Zuko

    Honor! This name could be derived from the filipino word "suko", which means "angry", "madness" or "surrender". An other possible origin is Chinese, in which Zuko means "failure" or "loved one"