Favorite Girl Names

I'm a writer and I use nameberry to help me find the perfect names for my characters. This list is all my favorite female names! - Created by writinglady

  • Ambrose

    It's unique yet classic and also a literary name! It reminds me of Florence for some reason, but it feels much edgier.

  • Auden

    I love this name for a lot of reasons. One is because it's so beautiful sounding, simple yet interesting, and sounds like Autumn, only a bit more uncommon. I also love it because it's the last name of one of my favorite poets and an amazing writer, W.H. Auden.

  • Daisy

    This is my ultimate favorite name that I really want to save for my future daughter if I'm lucky enough to have one! It is the name of a female character in The Great Gatsby, my favorite book, and also the name of an album by my favorite band, Brand New.

  • Elliotte

    I had never heard of the name Elliot used for a girl and I thought it was cute but worried that such a masculine name might end up biting the little girl in the butt as she grew up. However, the spelling really makes a difference and the extra -te at the end makes it much more feminine and perfect for a girl no matter what age she is. Also, Ellie could be a cute nickname!

  • Mercy

    I have always loved classic sounding names with a twist and this is definitely that! Although classic and also a virtue, Mercy is also uncommon, beautiful, and a wonderful name that a girl can enjoy while she's young and also grow with and into as she ages.

  • Romilly

    I had never heard of this name until a few days ago and as soon as I heard it, I loved it. It's feminine and sounds like the pretty but very common name Emily, but also is unusual, different, interesting, and a bit edgy. Definitely unique, strong, and beautiful sounding.