Future Baby #3

I have 2 children right now and am looking forward to adding one more someday. My boy is Castor George: Castor was a strong, uncommon name with little-to-no nicknames. George is after my maternal grandfather. There has been a "George" in every generation of his family. My girl is Scarlett Eugenia. Scarlett is a strong, bright, classic girl's name. It also has some of the same letters and sounds as Castor does. Eugenia is after my paternal uncle and godfather, and it is my maternal grandmother's middle name. There has been a "Eugene" or some form of it in every generation on my father's side. For our third I would like to stick to the older more classical names, but would not rule out very uncommon names. We caught a lot of flack for naming our son Castor, but we love it and it fits him well. He is certainly one of a kind. I'd like a name with similar consonant and vowel combinations. - Created by angelamarie100