Names for Math Geeks

Names inspired by mathematicians and mathematical terms. - Created by Seanachaidh

  • Abel

    After mathematician Niels Henrik Abel, not the biblical figure! He is best known for his work in group theory, and the Abelian groups are named for him.

  • Ada

    After mathematician and computer scientist Ada Lovelace!

  • Archimedes

    After mathematician Archimedes of Syracuse

  • Blaise

    After mathematician Blaise Pascal.

  • Carroll

    After writer and mathematician Lewis Carroll.

  • Cayley

    After mathematician Arthur Cayley, best known for his work in algebra. A theorem is named after him.

  • Descartes

    After mathematician and philosopher Rene Descartes.

  • Eureka

    A Greek word exclamation roughly translating to

  • Eigen

    A German root meaning

  • Escher

    After artist and honorary mathematician M.C. Escher!

  • Euclid

    After mathematician Euclid of Alexandria.

  • Euler

    After mathematician Leonhard Euler.

  • Galileo

    After astronomer and mathematician Galileo Galilei.

  • Hypatia

    After mathematician Hypatia of Alexandria!

  • Infinity

    A number greater than any other number in any context.

  • Lemma

    A statement that can be easily proved true, generally used to prove more challenging theorems.

  • Maxima

    Plural of maximum, the largest possible number in a given context.

  • Mersenne

    After mathematician Marin Mersenne, best known for his studies of the Mersenne prime numbers.

  • Mobius

    After mathematician August Ferdinand Mobius, discover of the Mobius strip.

  • Newton

    After Sir Isaac Newton.

  • Pascal

    After mathematician Blaise Pascal.

  • Ptolemy

    After mathematician Claudius Ptolemy.

  • Paradox

    A statement that contradicts itself.

  • Parity

    A number's state of being either odd or even.

  • Rene

    After mathematician and philosopher Rene Descartes.

  • Rene

    After mathematician and philosopher Rene Descartes.

  • Taylor

    After mathematician Brook Taylor who popularized Taylor series.

  • Trig

    Shorthand for trigonometry, the study of triangles.

  • Turing

    After cryptanalyst Alan Turing

  • Venn

    After mathematician John Venn, inventor of the Venn diagram.

  • Zeno

    After Greek philosopher Zeno of Elea

  • Zero