Names Not to Name Your Kid

There are plenty of names out there that people are cursed with due to the fact that their parents were blissfully unaware of the meaning or the teasing possibilities of their name. - Created by AnnaRebecca

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  • Alexa

    This is so sad. Alexa, play Despacito.

  • Alouette

    this name may sound pretty in English, but, in French it literally just means lark/skylark. Not only does it mean lark, the French-Canadian nursery rhyme of the same name is about plucking the the bird's body parts off

  • Anakin

    your son will be destined to execute order 66 and kill the younglings if you name him this

  • Annabelle

    the name of a well-known haunted doll with a movie franchise behind her.

  • Chad

  • Jared

    Jared Fogle a.k.a. the subway guy, was arrested for sexual offences against a minor....

  • Karen

    She'll take the kids...

  • Kyle

    Kyle wears DC skater shoes and anything monster energy drink related while shooting back as many monster energy drinks as he can.

  • Landry

    Just name them Laundry, because thats what every substitute teacher will call them.

  • Lexie

    Rhymes with sexy, so id stay away from that one.....

  • Melvin

  • Micah

    Not only does it sound super country, but, it's also the name of a character with no moral compass and an itchy trigger finger from RDR2 and SPOILERS he's the rat that backstabs the group.

  • Portia

    nicknames include Portia-potty, Poor and more! Also, it means pig so that's cool....

  • Robert

    The name of another haunted doll

  • Salma


  • Viola

    It means rape in Spanish