Botanical Names

Flowers, plants, and so on. WIP list. - Created by nidorina

  • Aster

    Symbolic of love and patience; once believed to drive away evil serpents.

  • Azalea

    Symbolic of femininity, fragility, and passion.

  • Asphodel

    Symbolic of protection; associated with the Greek underworld.

  • Bryony

  • Calla

  • Celandine

  • Dahlia

    Symbolic of elegance, dignity; associated with a famous brutal murder case's victim.

  • Elodie

  • Hazel

    Symbolic of infinite knowledge; hazel nuts are thought to induce visions.

  • Hyacinth

  • Jonquil

  • Lily

    Symbolic of motherhood, eroticism; associated with funerals.

  • Rosalie

    Rose; symbolic of love.

  • Silas

    Means forest, woods.

  • Vedis

    Sacred forest spirit.

  • Violet

    Color associated with royalty and serenity; flower symbolic of delicate love, faithfulness (blue violets), daydreaming (purple violets), and modesty (white violets).

  • Willow

    Associated with the moon, magical energies, and flexibility/adaptability.

  • Zinnia