All Time Favorites

- Created by maddie27

  • Abilene

    nn Lena. A name I thought I made up as a kid. My favorite doll was named Abelina.

  • Adelaide

    nn Ada a beautiful family name

  • Anatoli

    A nod to my Eastern European heritage

  • Anneliese

    nn Annie or Liesl in honor of my heroine, Anne Frank

  • Barbara

    nn Bea or Bobbie in honor of my sister and maternal grandmother

  • Bethany

    nn Beth

  • Casimira

    nn Miri in honor of my paternal great grandmother

  • Elijah

    nn Eli

  • Emily

    Favorite girl's name

  • Evelyne

    In honor of my maternal great grandmother

  • Jean

  • Joel

    nn Joel

  • Lydia

  • Madeleine

    My name, so, obviously...

  • Robert

  • William