A list of baby names I'm love with - Created by SophiaLou

  • Albie

    Cute spin off of Alfie

  • Arlo

    My #1 Name, future daughters name 110%

  • Aubrey

    A spin off a classic name Audrey that I love

  • Bowie

    I love it because it's unusual and cute

  • Eleanor

    One of my all time favorites, I would use Nori as a nickname

  • Eli

    Adore this for a baby boy

  • Eloise

    I love this for a little girl as my middle name is Louise so it's similar

  • Elsie

    I adore this name

  • Eve

    Nickname for Evie, melts my heart

  • Evie

    My #2 girls name, Eve as a nickname

  • Florence

    Sophie Cachia inspired this one, I adore it

  • Frankie

    Don't know why I love it but I do

  • Gene

    Saw it on love child and loved it ever since

  • Harper

    Stunning girls name

  • June

    Cute for a baby and a grandma

  • Lee

    Mums middle name and my future babies middle name (Arlo Lee)

  • Mollie

    Simple and cute

  • Otis


  • Quinn

    My #3 girls name, Quinny

  • Reign


  • River

    Melts my heart

  • Rocket

    Unusual and cute

  • Van

    #1 baby boys name, addicted and will use 110%

  • Vine

    Different but I love it

  • Vinny

    Simple and different

  • Ziggy