13-year-old favorites

Some of my favorite names from when I was 13! - Created by Willow and Wyvern

  • Hanita

    Meaning: Divine Grace Nickname: Nita/Hanna Good match: Harley

  • Harley

    Meaning: Meadow Nickname: Laylee, Good match: Hadanna

  • Hadanna

    Meaning: Ornament Nickname: Adah, Good match: Harley

  • Makani

    Meaning: Wind Nickname: Anya Good match: Regina

  • Megumi

    Meaning: Blessing Nickname: Meggi Good match: Nedra

  • Nairobi

    Meaning: Place Nickname: Nira/Robia Good match: Regina

  • Nedra

    Meaning: Underground Nickname: Ray/Wren Good match: Harley

  • Regina

    Meaning: Queen Nickname: Regie/RegiBird, Good match: Nedra