Favorite Girls' List

For girls, I prefer classic sounding names, not necessarily classic names. - Created by Kittysweet63

  • Azalea

    Meaning: Flower azalea

  • Akesma

    NN: Kessa Meaning: White climbing rose

  • Blythe

    Meaning: Free Spirit

  • Calla

    Meaning: the most beautiful

  • Diane

    NN: Ann, Annie? Meaning: Divine

  • Essa

    Meaning: star

  • Irene

    Meaning: Peace

  • Leta

    Meaning: Glad

  • Naveen

    Meaning: new

  • Sora

    Chirping songbird

  • Sophina

    NN: Hina, Sophie Meaning: wise

  • Tesla

    NN: Tessa, Tessie Meaning: after hubby and my favorite scientist!

  • Wren

    Meaning: Songbird