Devil-like Names

Names that are associated with demons and the like, as well as biblical sinners. Many sound unusual and some likely aren't currently used as names. Also many are from the Ars Goetia. - Created by 7princes

  • Abaddon

    A demon or angel who brings death

  • Apollyon

    Synonym for Abaddon

  • Asmodeus

    The name of a middle eastern deity that is now associated with lust in abrahamic traditions.

  • Batibat

    A demon associated with the trees

  • Cain

    Son of Adam and Eve, who killed his twin Abel.

  • Coyolxauqi

    Cow-ol-shau-ki. Aztec moon goddess who threatens to devour the earth and her brother,the sun god Huitzilipochtli.

  • Delilah

    The woman who Samson loved and she tricked him into cutting his hair .

  • Flauros

    A demon that appears as a flaming leopard

  • Forneus

    A demon that appears as a sea monster

  • Gorome

    A fancier version of Gnome which is an earth spirit

  • Helel

    The original (Hebrew) version of Lucifer.

  • Helel

    The original (Hebrew) version of Lucifer.

  • Jezebel

    Nicknames include: Bel, Ez, And Ebel.

  • Kizfael


  • Lilith

    According to certain texts, Lilith was Adam's first wife who refused to be subservient to him and as punishment was turned into a demon.

  • Lucifer

    The angel who rebelled against God. Means light-bringer, light-bringer, Or Morningstar, which means the planet Venus.

  • Malacoda

    Means Evil Tail. Is the leader of the Malebranche,

  • Nebiros

    A demon that specializes in necromancy.

  • Orobas

    A demon that appears as a bipedal horse.

  • Ose

    A demon that appears as a leopard wielding swords

  • Samson

    The Nazirite( people who can't drink wine or cut their hair for religious reasons) who cut his hair

  • Samael

    Means Poison of God. Is used as the name for a serpentine fallen angel.

  • Satanael

    Gnostic angel who rebelled against Yaldabaoth.Represents freedom.Pronounced Sat-uh-nigh-ull

  • Xolotl

    She-lot-ul. Aztec psychopomp and god of death.

  • Yaldabaoth

    The Gnostic interpretation of the Christian god. Portrayed as foolish and prideful. Also referred to as the Demiurge.

  • Zagan

    A demon that appears as a eagle winged bull.