Favourite Boys' Names

- Created by Ula

  • Adam

    Hebrew; "son of the red Earth"

  • Benjamin

    Hebrew; "son of the right hand"; Ben, Benji

  • Elias

    Greek, variation of Elijah; "the Lord is my God"

  • Fionn

    Irish; "bright, fair"; Fee

  • Isaac

    Hebrew; "laughter"

  • Jacob

    Hebrew; "supplanter"; Jay

  • Lucas

    Greek form of Luke; "light"

  • Micah

    Hebrew; "who is like the Lord"

  • Nicholas

    Greek; "people of victory"; Nico

  • Noah

    Hebrew; "rest; wandering"

  • Oscar

    English; "champion warrior"

  • Samuel

    Hebrew; "told by God"; Sam, Sammy

  • Simon

    Hebrew; "the listener"

  • Theo

    Greek; "divine gift"

  • Timothy

    Greek; "people of victory"; Nico

  • Vincent

    Latin; "conquering"