Texas Inspired Baby Names

Texas is diverse in every way, but Texans are united by their love for their home state. This collection celebrates the people, places and attitudes of the Lone Star State, from the bold to the grand. - Created by ceryle

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  • Abilene

    A Texas-tinged alternative to Irene, Eileen and other -ene names.

  • Amity

    Meaning 'friendship,' as in the origin of the state's name as well as the state's current motto.

  • Angelina

    The county, river and national forest are named after a Native American woman who served as a guide and interpreter for early Spanish and French explorers.

  • Ann

    Feisty and outspoken Ann Richards was Texas' second female governor.

  • Ash

    A truly unisex pick with a nature connection to the ash tree (including the Texas ash), but for girls, it makes a nice nod to Dallas entrepreneur Mary Kay Ash.

  • Austin

    A not-so-weird name to honor Texas' capital.

  • Autry

    The Singing Cowboy was born in North Texas, and his surname is a cowboy take on Audrey.

  • Barbara

    Texas Senator and U.S. Representative Barbara Jordan broke barriers for African-American women in politics.

  • Bessie

    Texas aviator Bessie Coleman was the first woman of African-American or Native American descent to get a pilot's license.

  • Bonnie

    If Bluebonnet's just too much, go for the wearable nickname instead.

  • Bowie

    Pronounced like bow and arrow, it's a unisex choice that's rising in popularity since David Bowie's death; pronounced like 'buoy,' it's a tribute to Alamo hero and knifewielder Jim Bowie.

  • Byron

    Golf legend and Texan Byron Nelson won 52 times on the PGA tour, including a record 11 in a row.

  • Bexar

    Folks in San Antonio pronounce the name of their county like 'bear.'

  • Bonham

    An homage to Led Zeppelin, or to a South Carolina lawyer who joined the Texas cavalry and fought and died at the Alamo.

  • Brazos

    A burly name for a big river, with the cool Z factor to boot.

  • Campbell

    A preppy Scottish surname-name, or a nod to Earl Campbell, one of the most decorated running backs in college and NFL history.

  • Dallas

    A unisex choice for fans of the city or the TV show.

  • Estrella

    Take your pick of 'star' names to honor the Lone Star State.

  • Friedrich

    Friedrich Ernst, the 'father of the immigrants,' was the first German to bring his family to Texas.

  • George

    He may not be a bona fide prince, but George Strait is Texas royalty.

  • Granger

    The tiny town of Granger was a big hub for Czech immigrants.

  • Guadalupe

    Shorten the name of Texas' highest mountain peak to Lupe for everyday wear, or for a boy.

  • Hamilton

    Forget Alexander; Hamilton's also a Texas city, county and natural watering hole beloved by Austinites.

  • Hogan

    Ben Hogan, one of the greatest golfers of all time, called Fort Worth's Colonial Country Club his home course.

  • Holly

    A friendly nature name that doubles as an honor name for Lubbock native and rock 'n' roll star Buddy Holly. For boys, try the nickname Buddy.

  • Houston

    Texas' largest city and home of the Johnson Space Center.

  • Joplin

    For Scott or Janis, both Texas-born musicians.

  • Justin

    H.J. Justin was an early custom cowboy boot maker operating in Spanish Fort and Nocona, and Justin Boots is still making Western footwear 140 years later.

  • King

    King Ranch is larger than the state of Rhode Island.

  • Landry

    Texas native and legendary coach Tom Landry is revered by Dallas Cowboys fans, and football fans in general.

  • Laredo

    A city on the banks of the Rio Grande that makes for an offbeat place name.

  • Marshall

    An East Texas city, Marshall has horse-related origins and sounds like an Old West lawman.

  • Maverick

    A trendy choice straight from the Old West or a Dallas basketball court.

  • Miriam

    To honor Texas' first female governor, Miriam 'Ma' Ferguson.

  • McCrae

    Augustus 'Gus' McCrae was a fictional Texas Ranger at the center of the modern classic Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry.

  • Navarro

    A bold way to get the trendy -o ending, after Jose Antonio Navarro, a Texas revolutionary and statesman who advocated for the rights of the Tejano minority.

  • Nelson

    Colorful Texas musician Willie Nelson is one of the faces of Outlaw Country.

  • Nolan

    As in Ryan, the Texas-born pitcher who played for both of Texas' major league teams on his way to notching the most career strikeouts in MLB history.

  • Odessa

    The Ukrainian city is a port; the West Texas city is an oil capital on the windy high plain.

  • Parker

    A unisex option that honors two Texans: Cynthia Ann Parker, who was kidnapped and raised by the Comanche tribe, and her son Quanah Parker, the last free Comanche chief.

  • Prairie

    Much of Texas qualifies.

  • Pecos

    A city, county and river name that's evocative of the Wild West.

  • Ranger

    Might be too on the nose, or might be a rough-and-tumble tribute to the law enforcement agency or the baseball team.

  • Rio

    A breezy unisex option that works worldwide but pays homage to the Rio Grande.

  • Roy

    A la Texas-born rock 'n' roller Roy Orbison, or legendary lawman Judge Roy Bean.

  • Sabine

    An East Texas place name with European flair. Try saying it without a drawl.

  • Sage

    The sage in bloom is like perfume – clap clap clap clap – deep in the heart of Texas!

  • Sandra

    The first female U.S. Supreme Court justice was born and raised in El Paso.

  • Selena

    In remembrance of the queen of Tejano music.

  • Shelby

    Shelby has Southern flair courtesy of Steel Magnolias, and a bit of muscle courtesy of famed car designer and Texan Carroll Shelby.

  • Stetson

    A name with Western cachet that's rising in the U.S. Top 1,000 alongside other surnames like Gibson.

  • Topaz

    The state gem, and a nature name that packs a punch.

  • Travis

    Austin's county is named for William Barret Travis, a hero of the Texas Revolution who died at the Alamo.

  • Trinity

    Trinity ticks a lot of boxes: trendy, religious and Texas-related, via the largest river that lies entirely within the state.

  • Tyler

    A popular pick in the '90s and a Pineywoods city famed for its roses.

  • Vaughan

    For Dallas-born blues guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan, whose debut album was titled 'Texas Flood.'

  • Walker

    Chuck Norris. 'Nuff said. Though there really was a Texas Ranger named Walker – Samuel Hamilton Walker.

  • Wallace

    William 'Bigfoot' Wallace is a folk hero of legend, but a real Texas Ranger.

  • Waylon

    Fellow Texan Buddy Holly arranged Waylon Jennings' first recording session, and the rest is history.

  • West

    Besides the nod to Texas' geography and culture, short, slick West is a Czech town in north central Texas.

  • Wimberley

    This Hill Country enclave makes a whimsical alternative to Waverly or Kimberly.