Sky Gods and Goddesses of Greek Mythology

The gods of sky and weather were named "Theoi Ouranioi" or "Theoi Meteoroi" by the Greeks. They were under the command of Zeus and Hera, the king and queen of heaven. Source: - Created by redwoodfey

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  • Aither

    God of the shining light of the blue sky.

  • Arce

    Messenger of the Titans, sister of Iris and the goddess of the lost second rainbow.

  • Asteria

    Titan goddess of falling stars and nighttime divinations. Mother of Hekate.

  • Astraeus

    Titan god of the stars. He was father of the planets and the four seasonal winds by Eos the dawn.

  • Atlas

    A Titan condemned by Zeus to hold the sky aloft upon his shoulders and turn it upon its axis.

  • Aura

    The Titan goddess of the breeze.

  • Aiolos

    King of the winds. Appointed by Zeus to guard the storm winds.

  • Boreas

    The god of the north wind whose wintry breath brought the cold of winter.

  • Chronos

    The old god of time who turned the wheel of the heavenly constellations.

  • Eos

    The winged goddess of the dawn.

  • Eosphoros

    The god of the dawn-star (the star Venus) seen in the morning skies.

  • Euros

    The god of the east wind and herald of the autumn season.

  • Helios

    The god of the sun whose orb he wore upon his head as a bright aureole crown

  • Hemera

    The primeval goddess of the day.

  • Hera

    The Queen of Heaven and goddess of the air and starry constellations.

  • Hesperos

    The god of the evening star (the planet Venus).

  • Herse

    The goddess of the morning dew.

  • Iris

    The goddess of the rainbow.

  • Khione

    The goddess of snow. She was the daughter of Boreas and Oreithyia.

  • Khaos

    The primeval goddess of the gap between heaven and earth. She was the air which men breathed

  • Nyx

    The primeval goddess of night.

  • Notos

    The god of the hot and sticky south wind who heralded the month of summer.

  • Oreithyia

    The goddess of cold, gusty mountain winds. She was the wife of Boreas.

  • Ouranos

    The primeval god whose body formed the solid dome of heaven. The Greeks imagined him as a bronze-bodied, star-spangled god whose hands rested upon the earth in the farthest east and feet in the farthest west

  • Selene

    The goddess of the moon.

  • Zephyrus

    The god of the gentle west wind and the herald of spring.

  • Zeus

    The King of the Gods and the ruler of the heavens. He was the god of clouds, rain, thunder and lightning.