Nouveau Middle Names for Girls

If Rose, Lee, Lynn, Anne, Renee, and Marie don't blow your hair back, try these alternatives. - Created by MissusAytch

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  • Amelie

  • Anouk

    Give the classic Anne a spiky European twist

  • Blythe

    So much name in just one syllable.

  • Corinne

    It's French, it's pretty, and it's delicate and strong at the same time.

  • Dree

    A model name, or a short form of Alexandria

  • Echo

    Another Greek nymph with a simple but powerful name

  • Elaine

    A luminous Arthurian name woefully underused today.

  • Fable

    Like Story, but with a moral and a softer sound.

  • Faye

    Once a well-used middle, now seen less often, the fairy-like Faye (or Fay) is due a comeback.

  • Hero

    Shakespearean meets badass

  • Io

    Two vowels pack a lot of punch in this Greek mythology name.

  • Jade

    Puts an Asiatic, jewel-green twist on Jane.

  • Jill

    A retro throwback so out of style it's cool.

  • Joy

    Less sedate and more, well, joyous than virtue names like Faith and Hope.

  • June

    A month name, or a Jane alternative.

  • Justine

    Sleek and strong, this name deserves more use.

  • Lane

    Modern take on Lynn or Lee that might have special meaning for world travelers

  • Lore

    An English word name and a Basque name name.

  • Lou

    Popular in France, and a modern way to honor a Louis or Louise.

  • Lux

    A bold and creative way to honor a relative with a name meaning "light" or "bright," such as Helen, Claire, or Elaine.

  • Maelle

    Gorgeous and rarely seen (in America) Breton feminization of Mael

  • March

    A fresh way to honor Mary, Mark, or any name beginning with Mar-.

  • May

  • Noelle

    This Christmasy and French name is almost always pretty in the middle spot.

  • Peach

    This barely-used word name would make a delicious middle.

  • Phoebe

  • Pilar

    Boasts the favored second-syllable accent like Renee or Marie, but with an unusual Latin flavor.

  • Plum

    A plush, luscious fruit name.

  • Ree

    A streamlined way to honor a Renee or Rebecca

  • Rue

    Hunger Games reference, herb name, or a short form of Jerusalem

  • Sioux

    For when you want Sue, but you also want punk rock (a la Siouxsie Sioux of Siouxsie and the Banshees).

  • Snow

    Crisp, cool, and streamlined

  • Story

    Word names make great middles

  • Sue

    Sweet, with a vintagey retro vibe.

  • True

    Used by celebs Meg Ryan and Kirstie Alley, a monosyllabic word name with a strong sound.

  • VIE

    The French word for life

  • Vrai

    The French word for truth is a distinctive choice.

  • Wren

    The monosyllabic hipster favorite is sweet in the middle spot.

  • Yvaine

    Neil Gaiman meets Arthurian legend