Boy Names

The names I've chosen for my future sons aren't just classic names that I happen to love, but they're also names of fictional heroes. - Created by Vickster

  • Alexander

    Alexander James "Alex" Karinian was the original name of the protagonist/narrator of the book I'm writing before I changed his name. That book, primarily this specific character, pulled me out of a severe case of clinical depression that had already lasted over two years. I want my son to be named after my hero.

  • Christopher

    Christopher Perry "Chris" Halliwell is the name of my favorite character on the TV show "Charmed". Chris traveled back in time, risking his own existence, in order to prevent his older brother from turning evil and to save the world from his sibling without killing Wyatt. He continued to fight to save his brother even after Wyatt killed his fiancee right in front of him and attempted to strangle him. Chris may have lied and manipulated a lot, but it was to avoid making terrible changes to the time stream. He endured a lot of cruelty from his own family, and even beatings and essentially death threats from his own father, and he forgave them all (even his father, who was never there for him in the first place). He even forgave his brother. Chris sacrificed his own life to save his brother and in doing so he changed the timeline, saving his family and the world. By doing this, his younger self had a good life and grew up to be the father of three.

  • Daniel

    Daniel "Danny" Fenton/Phantom is the name of my favorite cartoon character and superhero. Danny Phantom was willing to die to protect others and he saved the world more than once. He could've used his powers for evil and came close to turning down a dark path, but instead he chose the path of righteousness and defended humanity instead even knowing that they might turn on him just because he was different.