Guilty Pleasures

Names I like or think are really interesting that I would never actually use (or can't use). - Created by xbloomerbrigade

  • Amity

    Love this name, can't use it because Fiance has negative connotations.

  • Blythe

    While the name meaning is beautiful and happy I can't help but feel like the name just sounds depressing. Makes me torn about using it.

  • Bristol

    The Palin connection has proved to be too much for my Fiance so it's been struck from the list of usable names.

  • Cymbeline

    Traditionally a male name meaning ''Sun Lord" I really like it for a girl.

  • Dashiell

    NN Dash, I adore this name! Again it's been vetoed.

  • Gibson

    Sure it's a guitar (SO is a guitar player) but I think it makes for a cool sounding boy name. DF doesn't agree.

  • Sloane

    Super cool girl name that I love, that my Fiance vetoed.

  • Wren

    On the up and up these days, but I still don't think I could bring myself to use it. Like it though.