The Nereids

Greek mythological sea nymphs, patrons of sailors and fishermen. The 50 daughters of Nereus and Doris who live in a cave at the bottom of the Aegean Sea. Some are a bit much for a modern woman, but quite suitable for a ship or an adventurous middle name. Source: - Created by redwoodfey

  • Agaue

    "the illustrious"

  • Aktaia


  • Amphitrite

    Queen of the sea, the "surrounding third," wife of the god Poseidon. Together with her sisters Kymatolege and Kymodoke she possessed the power to still the winds and calm the sea.

  • Autonoe

    "with her own mind"

  • Doto

    Nereid of "giving" safe voyage or generous catch

  • Dynamene

    "sea's power"

  • Eudora

    "fine gifts of the sea"

  • Eunike

    (Eunice) "fine victory" in a martime sense

  • EUarne

    "the well-lambed"

  • Eione

    "beach strand"

  • Erato

    "the lovely"

  • Euagora

    "good assembling" of fish or perhaps navy ships.

  • Eukrante

    Nereid of "successful" voyages or fishing

  • Eulimene

    Nereid of "good harbourage"

  • Eupompe

    "the fine procession," perhaps with reference to religious journeys to the island shrines

  • Galatea

    Nereid of "the milky white" sea-foam

  • Galene

    Nereid of the "calm" seas

  • Glauke

    "blue-grey" waters

  • Glaukonome

    "mastering the grey sea"

  • Halia

    Nereid of the "brine"

  • Halimede

    "lady of the brine"

  • Hipponoe

    "knows about horses," that is, the waves

  • Hippothoe

    "the swift horses," that is, swift waves

  • Kalypso

    "the concealed one."

  • Kymatolege

    "wave" or "end of waves" had the power to still the winds and calm the sea

  • Kymodoke

    "steadying the waves" power to still the winds and calm the sea

  • Kymothoe

    "running waves"

  • Laomedeia

    "leader of the folk"

  • Leiagora

    "assembling" the schools of fish

  • Lysianassa

    "royal delivery"

  • Maera

  • Melite

    Nereid of "calm" seas

  • Menippe

    Nereid of "strong horses," that is, strong waves

  • Nemertes

    "unerring" counsel, wisest of the sisters

  • Nesaie

    Nereid of "islands"

  • Nesso

    Nereid of "islands"

  • Panopeia

    "sea's panorama"

  • Pasithea


  • Pherousa

    Nereid of "carrying" fish, or perhaps rescued sailors

  • Polynoe

    "rich of mind"

  • Pontoporeia

    "crossing the sea"

  • Pronoe


  • Proto

    "first voyage"

  • Protomedeia

    "first queen"

  • Psamathe

    "goddess of sand"

  • Sao

    "safe" passage, or the rescue of sailors

  • Spio

    sea "caves"

  • Thetis

    Nereid of the "generation" or spawning of fish, and their leader

  • Themisto

    "customary law" of the sea

  • Thoe

    "swift" voyage or moving waves