Bold and beautiful girls!

Hopefully my husband will agree to some of these beauties. - Created by AnaJo

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  • Abilene

  • Alessandra

    nn Ales/Alice; Italian and Spanish variation of Alexandra; GOD'S DEFENDER

  • Allena

    Irish, feminine variation of Alan; HARMONY, CONCORD; HANDSOME

  • Alouette

    lark - French

  • Amadea

  • Ambrosia

    immortal - Greek

  • Amethyst

  • Anastasia

    nn Ana; Greek, feminine variation of Anastasios; RESURRECTION

  • Anwen

  • Astoria

    nn Stori/Story; place-name, associated with the New York Waldorf- hotel and the neighborhood in Queens

  • Astrid


  • Chaya

  • Clelia

  • Elethea

  • Eliora

  • Eliska

  • Eloise

    French and English variation of Heloise, probably of German origin; HEALTHY; WIDE

  • Emmaline

    variation of Emeline; WORK

  • Emmeline

    nn Emma; French form of German Amelina; WORK

  • Engracia

  • Evelia

  • Evera

    Female form of Everard, English; BRAVE ONE

  • Gwendolen

    nn Gwen; Welsh; WHITE CIRCLE

  • Gwyneira

    (gwen-ay-ra) white snow - Welsh

  • Holiday

    nn Holly; HOLY DAY; WORD NAME

  • Isabel

    Isabelle; nn Belle; Spanish variation of Elizabeth; PLEDGED TO GOD

  • Isabetta

    pledged to God; Short form of Elisabetta, Italian variation of Elizabeth

  • Ivria

    from the land of Abraham - Hebrew

  • Laurel

    laurel tree -Latin

  • Laurena

    nn Wren; variation of Lorraine

  • Lauretta

    Italian diminutive of Laura; BAY LAUREL

  • Laurette

    French variation of Laura.

  • Meliora

  • Mirabelle

    marvelous - French

  • Miranda

    Latin; MARVELOUS

  • Moriah

    the Lord is my teacher - Hebrew

  • Naomi

    Hebrew; MY JOY, MY DELIGHT

  • Noelia

    Spanish, feminine variation of Noel

  • Octavia

    nn Tavia; Latin; EIGHTH

  • Vivia

    Life - Italian variation of Vivian

  • Viviette

    French variation of Vivian

  • Wilhelmina

    nn Willa; German, feminine variation of Wilhelm

  • Yaretzi

  • Yuna