Celestial, Mythological and Spacy

- Created by NiamhEthna

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  • Alba

    Feminine of Albus, means 'White, pure'

  • Amity

    Means peace, friendship

  • Andromeda

    Largest nearest galaxy, princess in Greek mythology

  • Aoife

    'Ee-fa' means Beauty.

  • Arcadia

    'Idyllic place'

  • Arella


  • Aria

    'Song' or melody

  • Ariadne

    'Most holy'

  • Athena

    Daughter of Zeus

  • Aurora

    'Rora' 'Rory' Means Dawn, sunrise.

  • Avia

    Latin for 'Bird'

  • Aelia

    Roman for 'Sun'

  • Aella

    means whirlwind

  • Aerope

    Character in greek mythology

  • Aoide

    'Ay-oh-dee' means 'to sing'

  • Asterope

    'Nymph of the evening'

  • Belphoebe

    'The Faerie Queene'

  • Cosette

    From Les Miserables, means 'little one'

  • Daphne

    'Laurel tree'

  • Eithne


  • Eulalie

    'Good to talk'

  • Eurydice


  • Eileithyia

    Greek goddess of childbirth

  • Epipole


  • Epona

    Celtic horse goddess

  • Eponine

    From Les Miserables

  • Euanthe

    'U-an-thee' means blooming, flowery

  • Evadne

    means good

  • Flora

    Goddess of flowers

  • Hero

    Shakespearean name

  • Hespera

    means Evening Star

  • Ianthe

    Means purple flower

  • Iole

    Means violet in greek

  • Ione

    'Violet flower'

  • Luna


  • Nebula

    'Misty', term for a cluster of stars

  • Nephele

    Means 'Cloudy'.

  • Nova


  • Orinthia


  • Parthenope

    Siren in Greek Mythology, 'Fair faced'

  • Phoebe

    'Radiant, shining one'

  • Thisbe

    Mythological story of Thisbe and Pyramus inspired Romeo and Juliet

  • Titania

    Fairy Queen from Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Nights Dream'

  • Xanthe

    'Zan-thee' means fair