Ancient Names

In this magnificent list are names from powerful and evocative mythologies and legends. Some are just words that sound beautiful. I've focused on diverse cultures, such as Sumerian, Egyptian, Greek and Latin. Additional note, these names are extremely rare, yet usable, and if you want to name your child with something unique, I can promise you will find it here. - Created by goddess_patreice

  • Andromeda

    Greek mythology name. Beautiful daughter of Cassiopeia who, like her mother, became a star. Can be short for 'Meda' and 'Rome' perhaps.


    Derives from Sumerian language meaning 'joy, gladness'. Variations; Asilia, Asilal. No obvious nicknames, but could be short for Asa meaning 'born in the morning'.

  • Aegyptus

    Latin origin meaning, 'Egypt'. This name has never been used since then so it's definitely rare and unique. Attractive and efficient feel to it. Egypt can be used as a nickname/short name.

  • Dulce

    Latin origin meaning, 'sweet'. Dating back to the Roman Empire, Dulce may be too lightweight to merit a revival within the top 100 list of baby names, but the name sounds most beautiful and truly feminine, which makes it definitely unique and rare. Variations; Dulcie, Dulcy, Dulcine, Dulcet, Dulcibel, Dulcibelle, Dulcibella.

  • ENKI

    Derived from Sumerian meaning, 'Lord of the Earth'. Enki later known as Ea by the Babylonians, was the god of wisdom and water, and also the keeper of Me, the divine laws.

  • Libra

    Derived from Latin meaning, 'balance and freedom'. Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac. Appropriate for a girl born between late September and late October. This beautiful name is wonderful on its own, but extremely rare so, you can always combine it with another to balace it out. It makes for lovely middle name too.


    Nefer is a word in the Egyptian language that was used to symbolise beauty and goodness. The exact translation in English is 'beautiful on the inside and outside', but there has been many criticism about it, so instead it means 'the beautiful has arrived'. Nefer has been incorporated into many female names in Ancient Egypt, for example; Nefertiti, Nefertari, Neferini and Neferure. Nefer would be a lovely short name and as a middle name.


    In Sumerian mythology, Ninki was a goddess known as 'Lady of the Great Mountain', but was commonly refered to as the mother of the gods. The goddess was associated with birth; her power to give shape to life, and was the divine midwife of gods and mortals. Ninki was also the wife and sister to Enki, a god known as 'Lord of the Earth'. The modern name Nikki is most likely a variant form of Ninki.


    A word name in Ancient Greece literally means, 'city'. Persepolis, Metropolis and Hierakonpolis are a few examples. It can also mean 'citizen'. Derivatives of 'polis' are common in the English language; police, politics, policy and polite. The name might be whimsical in the real world, but it is most definitely usable. It can be used as a middle name too.


    In Greek mythology Prometheus was the Titan who stole fire from the gods, and gave the knowledge of fire to mankind. For doing this, he was then punished to a slow and painful death from Zeus. Nevertheless, Prometheus legacy lives on through his son, Deucalion. Nicknames for Prometheus can be 'Pro', or 'Theo'.

  • Ptolemy

    The name has varied over the years from its roots of Ancient Egypt/Greece, appearing in different languages in various forms and spelling, such as Bartholomew. Ptolemy may lack any obvious nicknames, but it can be short for 'Tol', or 'Mew'.


    In Egyptian mythology, Thmei means 'goddess of truth', who was the goddess of justice. The pronouciation is TH-MA-E or TH-ME-I. The name is definitely a mouthful so, perhaps combine it with a common name, or use it as a middle name. However, Thmei can be short for 'Me' and 'Mei'.