Names For Characters (Girls)

Names that I like, but don't think will ever be usable for my future kids, so I use them on characters instead (my brain children), because you can be a little more creative with their names. I have a soft spot for mythological names, as a huge mythology nerd. And I love names with Greek origins, because I'm Greek. - Created by HarderToBreathe

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  • Acantha

  • Adira

  • Alethea

  • Altalune

  • Althea

  • Alvira

    See Elvira

  • Amabel

  • Amara

  • Amarantha

  • Amira

  • Anthea

  • Anwen

  • Arella

  • Arethusa

    Means to becomen excellent, she was in Greek mythology

  • Ariadne

  • Aroa

  • Arwen

  • Aura

  • Aurore

    Rare French form of Aurora

  • Ayla

  • Aylin

    Means moon halo (Turkish)

  • Aella

  • Alara

    Feminine form of Alaric, means ruler of all (German), Pronouced uh-LAR-uh

  • Amalthea

    Means 'too soften' or 'to soothe' in Greek, she was in Greek mythology

  • Arianthe

    Means song flower, combo of Aria and Ianthe. I pronounce it AR-ee-anth-ee

  • Athaliah

    Hebrew name that was used for both boys and girls, it means Afflicted by God. I like Thalia names

  • Aylen

    Native American, might mean Clear or Happiness

  • Baila

  • Bellamy

  • Briallen

  • Briar

  • Briony

  • Bronwen

  • Bronwyn

  • Bryony

  • Calantha

  • Calanthe

    I absolutely love all the -anthe names, the e is long in all of them (Cal-anth-ee). It means Beautiful flower (Greek)

  • Calista

  • Calixta

  • Callia

    Cal-leah, Variant of Calliope, means Beautiful voice

  • Calliope

  • Callisto

    A Greek Mythology name meaning Most Beautiful

  • Carys

  • Cassiopeia

  • Ceri

  • Chara

  • Cleora

    An elaboration of the name Cleo, meaning Glory of the Father

  • Cliantha

  • Corinne

  • Corisande

  • Calanthia

    See Calantha

  • Casarra

    I made this one up, made it from the name Casarah, which means 'what will be, will be'. Pronounces Cuh-SAR-uh.

  • Cassiope

    Found this one in my Greek Mythology encyclopedia, most sites list it as Cassiopeia, but I like this better

  • Ceinwen

    Welsh name that means lovely, white, fair, blessed.

  • Celosia

    Means 'aflame, burning' in Greek.

  • Chrysalis

    Not sure what it means, but I like the sound

  • Chrysanthe

    Means golden flower in Greek. Pronounced Chris-anth-ee

  • Clytia

    A nymph in Greek Mythology, the name means famous or noble

  • Coriander

    A spunky spice name

  • Csilla

    Pronouced CHEEL-law, a Hungarian name meaning 'star'

  • Diantha

  • Dianthe

    See Diantha

  • Edana

  • Eira

    I pronouce it Ay-ra

  • Elara

  • Eleri

  • Elodie

  • Elowen

  • Elvira

  • Ember

  • Emer

  • Eos

  • Este

  • Evanthe


  • Evening

    nn Eve

  • Elestren

    A recently coined Cornish name that means Iris Flower

  • Euanthe

    You-anth-ee, means blooming, flowering (Greek)

  • Eudoxia

    Means good fame

  • Eumelia

    Means melody in Greek, so cute!

  • Euthalia

    Mean good bloom, good flower (Greek)

  • Evanthia

    See Evanthe

  • Evodie

    Not sure about the meaning of this one, supposedly a Greek name that means one who follows right,

  • Ezara

    Not sure about the meaning of this one, supposedly is a Hebrew name meaning little treasure

  • Félicienne

    French name, feminine form of Feliciano, means lucky, successful

  • Guinevere

  • Halona

  • Hélène

    Pronounced ay-Len, French form of Helen

  • Ianthe


  • Illia

    Variant of the name Iliana, meaning Trojan or it can be a variant of Helen, meaning torch, corposant, light, or moon.

  • Indira

  • Iolani

  • Iolanthe

  • Iona

  • Ione

    Pronounced Ee-own-ie or Eye-own-ie

  • Ira

  • Isabeau

  • Isaura

  • Izora

    See Isaura, modern version

  • Iora

    The name comes from a type of bird

  • Isra

    Means nocturnal journey in Arabic

  • Jorah

    Means first rain or autumn rain in Hebrew

  • Kaia

  • Kali

  • Kalindi

  • Kaori

  • Kasiani

  • Kelilah

  • Kirrily

  • Kailani

    Means sea and sky in Hawiian

  • Leda

  • Leilani

  • Leocadia

  • Leora

  • Linnea

  • Liora

  • Lux

  • Liriope

    I guess I also like -ope names. This one means 'the face of Leirion' which was the Greek word for the daffodil flower. She was also a nymph. I think it's pronounced Leer-ee-ope-ee

  • Marceline

    From the male name Marcellus, which comes from the name Mars, meaning man.

  • Marilla

  • Marini

  • Mavis

  • Medora

  • Melantha

  • Melisande

  • Mirabel

  • Mirabelle

  • Mireille

  • Morgana

  • Moria

    I made this one up, pronounced More-ee-uh, as variant of Mary or Moira.

  • Morwenna

  • Melanthe

    Me-anth-ee, means black flower (Greek)

  • Méline

    May-leen, an elaboration of Mel, probably from the word μέλι which means honey in Greek

  • Naiara

  • Nara

    Not sure about the meaning or origin of this one, may be a Arabic name meaning only girl or only hope in Hebrew or Japanese

  • Nayeli

  • Nerea

  • Noor

  • Naira

    Means 'Big Eyes' in one of the Native American languages

  • Nasrin

    Means wild rose in Persian, such a beautiful meaning!

  • Olivine

    Stone name, also means olive.

  • Orabella

  • Orella

  • Orla

  • Ourania

  • Oenone

    ee-no-nee, means wine, she was in Greek Mythology

  • Paloma

  • Panthea

  • Perrine

  • Pomeline

  • Phaenna

    Means shining (Greek), I pronounce it Fay-en-nuh

  • Proserpina

    Latin equivalent of Persephone, means to emerge

  • Reverie

  • Rinoa

  • Runa

    Means secret lore (Scandinavian)

  • Samira

  • Sarai

  • Soleil

  • Sora

    Means sky in Japanese

  • Serevina

    I made this one up from a typo of Severina, and I like it better

  • Serevine

    See Serevina

  • Sophelia

    Combo of Sophia and Ophelia I guess (I didn't make it up)

  • Thora

  • Twila

  • Twyla

    See Twila, modern spelling

  • Tryphena

    Means softness or delicacy, she was in Greek mythology

  • Valora

  • Vesper

  • Vespera

  • Vladimira

    Feminine form of Vladimir, means to rule with greatness (Slavic)

  • Wren

  • Xanthe

  • Xaverie

    Femenine form of Xavier

  • Xaverine

    (Old French?) feminine form of Xavier

  • Xylia

    Zy-lee-uh, possibly means of the forest (Greek)

  • Zara

  • Zella

  • Zora

  • Zira

    Means hate, used in Africa