10 Names

Confession: I'm one of THOSE girls that daydreams about names that sound good with HIS last name, even though we're not even close to that point in our relationship... friendship... acquaintance... Anyway, I hope Mr. Man'll have his own well-thought-out opinions (do guys think about this like girls do?), but if not, this is what I've got. I even found middle names. I focused on meaning as that's becoming important to me. But rhythm factored in (Mr. Man has a one syllable last name); I avoided one-syllable middle names. "Why 10?!" b/c I want 5-9 kids. Even with 4 in mine I felt we had more love to give. But I never want to be the parent who doesn't have time to KNOW/LOVE/CHERISH each child uniquely; I've seen families with 9 who do this- others not quite, so we'd play it by ear. But 10, being in the teens, seems too extreme (for me). I'm a fan of adoption, too! There is nothing more beautiful than second chances : ) Obviously Mr. Man will have a say but he's not here yet... - Created by muchachacristiana

  • Ann Elethea

    Grace, Truth. My mother's middle name is Ann, my middle name is Ann, and I'd like to somehow pass along that tradition. And Elethea is a beautiful name. [note: I do not know Mr. Man's middle name- YET! -but obviously I'd love to pass on names from his side, too]

  • Charlotte Winifred

    Free man, Blessed peacemaking. Charlotte is one of those names I flip-flop with. It's pretty but it's becoming too popular.

  • Edmund Cornelius

    Fortunate Protector, Horn. I love the name Cornelius. And Edmund is the younger sounding version of the proper but sturdy Edward. I'd call him Eddie.

  • Frederick Tobiah

    Peaceful Ruler, The Lord is good. I've always liked both of these names. I think I'd call him Fred. Yes, a nod to the Weasley.... : (

  • Jude Benedict

    Praised, Blessed. I love the name Jude. I think if I had to pick ONE favourite it'd be Jude. Plus, my name and Mr. Man's name both start with J... Alliteration!

  • Lewis Zedekiah

    Renowned Warrior, The Lord is Just. This, too is a nod to another "obsession." I'm a huge fan of all things C.S. Lewis.

  • Phoebe Eliora

    Radiant shining one, The Lord is my light. Love this combo! Not sure why Phoebe has taken a back-burner lately, but paired with this newby it's been revitalised for me.

  • Rosalie Karissa

    Rose, Grace. I'd call her Rosie, or Rose. Such potential! Plus her last name would start with an R; even more alliteration ; )

  • Sybil Micah

    Prophetess, Who is like The Lord. I'm not usually one for turning boy names into girl names but Micah does sound a little feminine.

  • Theodore Dominic

    Gift of God, Belonging to The Lord. Theo!!! Need I says more?!