Alluring Appellations and Marvelous Monikers

Tolkien, Welsh, Roman/Greek mythology and even Shakespearean names make up my interesting list of prospects for future little ones. (Now comes with a dash of Roman emperors and Scandinavian darlings.) provided most of the meanings I have listed, along with - Created by oiseau

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  • Aire

    Nameberry says a form of Ariel?

  • Arc

    relating to lines?

  • Caio

    "rejoice" Latin

  • Caius

    "rejoice" Latin

  • Constantine

    "steadfast" Latin

  • Círdan

    "ship-maker" Sindarian

  • Elvina

    "elf friend" English

  • Evanna

    "God is gracious" Welsh, "youth" Scottish, "stone" Hebrew

  • Ffion

    "foxglove" Welsh

  • Flavian

    "yellow hair" Latin

  • Georgina

    feminine form of Georgios, a name derived from the Greek geōrgos "earthworker, farmer"

  • Hiero

    "holy" Greek

  • Ianthe

    "violet flower" Greek

  • Laurel

    "laurel tree" Latin

  • Lorcan

    "little fierce one" Irish

  • Leonato

    'Much Ado About Nothing' Governor of Messina.

  • Lesander

    form of Lysander, (possibly English?)

  • Maxen

    form of Maximus, Welsh

  • Napoleon

    "lion of Naples" Italian

  • Nero

    "stern" Latin

  • Niall

    "champion" "cloud" or "passionate" Gaelic

  • Odette

    French, name of Swan Princess

  • Ondine

    relating to water.

  • Ottaline

    "prospers in battle" French

  • Pandora

    "all-gift" Greek

  • Percival

    "one who pierces the valley" French

  • Petra

    form of Peter, Slavic

  • Philo

    "love" Greek

  • Proserpina

    "to emerge" Latin (Roman equivalent of Persephone)

  • PÁLL

    form of Paul, Icelandic

  • Rainier

    "wise army" German

  • Seraphina

    feminine form of the Late Latin name Seraphinus, derived from the biblical word seraphim which was Hebrew in origin and meant "fiery ones"

  • Siegfried

    "victorious peace" German

  • Stella

    "star" Latin

  • Sverre

    "wild, swinging" Norse

  • Tallulah

    "leaping water" Native American

  • Tavish

    Anglicized form of Thàmhais

  • Theron

    "hunter" Greek

  • Thisbe

    lover of Pyramus, Greek

  • Titus

    "Titan" Greek, "saved" Latin

  • Teresina

    "reaper" Greek, (I like to think it means a "reaper" of good harvests.)

  • Torunn

    "loved by Thor" Norse

  • Torvald

    "Thor's ruler" Scandinavian, Norse

  • Valentina

    feminine form of Valentinus

  • Vega

    "star" Latin

  • Venus

    "love" Latin (Roman equivalent of Aphrodite)

  • Vespera

    "of the evening" Esperanto

  • Zafer

    "victory" Arabic

  • Zelda

    feminization of Selig, Yiddish

  • Zula

    Polish diminutive of Zuzanna

  • Zuzanna

    Polish and Latvian form of Susanna