Magickal Names for Girls

Fey, eldritch, and otherworldly names evocative of mystical enchantments, fantastical adventures, and dreamy imaginings. - Created by sleepysessha

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  • Amaryllis

    flower name meaning "to sparkle"; from Virgil's epic

  • Anastasia

    lost daughter of the czar; "resurrection"

  • Ariel

    "lion of God", Shakespearean sprite, and of course, the mermaid!

  • Arwen

    "noble lady"; Lord of the Rings' elven princess

  • Astoria

    seaside town, plus the to die for nickname Story

  • Astri

    Variant of Astra (Latin, "of the stars") and Astrid (Norse, "divinely beautiful"

  • Aurelia

    "golden one"; mother of Julius Ceaser

  • Cerelia

    airish delight, meaning "relating to springtime"

  • Cerys

    pronounced like Karis; means love

  • Clio

  • Corisande

    love the meaning: "healing heart"

  • Daenerys

    the Dothraki khaleesi in Game of Thrones/Song of Ice and Fire

  • Delphine

    dolphins and delphiniums

  • Elidi

    gift of the sun

  • Evangeline

    the most magical thing about this name is the flowing sound. means "bearer of good news." also the star in Princess and the Frog

  • Fairuza

    Turkish word for turquoise. Bohemian bliss.

  • Faline

    Bambi's girl...means "catlike". Feyline is a variation

  • Fantasia

    fan-TAY-zha (Disney) or fan-tah-SEE-ah (operatic). means "imagination"

  • Farasha

    Arabic for "butterfly"

  • Felicity

    "good fortune, happy;" also a favorite American Girl

  • Forsythia

    dainty yellow flowers

  • Freya

    Norse goddess of love and war

  • Gwyneira

    Welsh for "white snow" (Snow White anyone?)

  • Lavender

  • Linnet

  • Luna

    favorite variation: Luneth

  • Morwenna

    Saint's name, meaning "wave of the sea." A variation of Morgana.

  • Naamah

  • Nerissa

    Shakespearean gem meaning "from the sea"

  • Olea

  • Ondine

    Spirit of the waters; means "little wave"; a favorite movie

  • Ophelia

    herb-wielding heroine of Hamlet

  • Oriel

    means "golden"; similar to Ariel and Oriole

  • Saffron

    exotic, expensive spice...and a Firefly reference

  • Saskia

    Rembrandt's wife; means "knife"

  • Senara

    Cornish saint who was once a mermaid

  • Senna

    Arabic meaning "brightness"; an herbal/botanical name

  • Seraphina

    "fiery, ardent, little angel" based on Seraphim. also love Serafina (as in Pekkala)

  • Shasta

  • Tanith

    Phoenician goddess of the moon

  • Thalassa

    "of the sea"

  • Thisbe

    Pyramus and Thisbe was the basis of Romeo and Juliet

  • Titania

  • Wisteria

    beautiful, draping, fragrant flower...symbol of devotion