Abstract Names

This list is definitely not for everyone. In a search for a strong name not only for a baby but with strong backgrounds as well I found myself stumped. I tried to dig up history names, Scientists, innovators, world-changers, Classics, elegance, sturdiness, and even geek culture. I wanted something BOLD and free. I read too much on how names can sometimes effect the outcome of an individuals life (Dennis' have a likelihood towards Dentistry!) I became engrossed in this chase for the perfect all encapsulating name, until I just stopped thinking and decided to let the words pick the name. There are some favorite basics, and some words with definitions that have incredible meaning to my situation and traditional names or annoying or whatever, they speak a confidence I had only wished for and maybe someday a little one of my own may bring the name to a bold place in the world. ^_^ - Created by pandablahh

  • Alice

    basically fits with any of the word names as a middle name

  • Charlotte

    fits nicely with the word names like reinette, dandizette, and for a boyish twist olivier

  • Charlotte Olivier

  • Charlotte Reinette

  • Dandizette

    killer punky middle name contender for the gentler feminine names, a female version of a dandy

  • Elwood

    Elwood Patrick

  • Eunoia

    a beautiful mind. another middle name candidate.

  • Fernweh

    longing to see distant places you've never been before. I like this best as a middle name, but it is a strong unisex first name either way.

  • Harold

  • Harvey

  • Maude

    Maude Elwood

  • Meraki

    A unisex, mostly middle name for me. A pouring of yourself, soul, and love into something you've created

  • Metanoia

    changing of one's mind, heart, self, or way of life. basically how I ended up here.

  • Olivier

  • Olivier Meraki

  • Quaintrelle

    : a woman who emphasizes a life of passion, expressed through personal style, leisurely pastimes, charms, and cultivations of life's pleasures.

  • Quaintrelle Reinette Eunoia

  • Reinette

    Little Queen, nicknames like Rein, fits easily as a middle name

  • Sunflora

    Sunflower, my top pick flower name.

  • Sunflora Metanoia

  • Sunflower Dandizette

  • Syzygy

    Syzygy Hygge sounds fun but not really my favorite. Syzygy-Celestial alignment/scientific formula. Hygge-make simple extraordinary.

  • Tristan

    I loved Stardust! Tristan Olivier (alt)

  • Tristan Fernweh