* Literary Names - Genre, Device, Other *

Lovers of the written word can choose from these unusual but powerful names. Some are more usable than others, but all are unique and fun. Please suggest more if you can think of any. - Created by itsjustme2407

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  • Allegory

    An alternative to Allegra, Allegro, and other Al- names.

  • Ballad

    Quirky but somehow haunting...

  • Drama

    Probably ruined by Entourage but an interesting option nonetheless.

  • Denouement

    Pronounced day-noo-mahn. A word with French origins that indicates the resolution phase of a story. A rather elaborate alternative to Dana.

  • Epic

    An alternative to Eric that really makes a statement.

  • Fable

    Whimsical and cute for a wise, spritely girl.

  • Fantasy

    Still trying out Fanty names to go with my Mingo...

  • Figment

    Is this mean? Would the kid get teased about being imaginary? Poor little Fig...

  • Irony

    Tongue-in-cheek alternative to Ivory and Idony.

  • Legend

    A big name to live up to but includes the cute nickname Gen.

  • Lore

    Serious, weighty, a bit ominous... but a good alternative to Laura, Lauren, Loren, Lorena, etc.

  • Mystery

    Alternative to Missy, Misty, Misery.

  • Metaphor

    Nickname Meta: the ultimate hipster moniker.

  • Myth

    Short and punchy, and I can't help thinking it would make a good alternative to Seth.

  • Poem

    In the vein of Poe, Poet.

  • Parable

    Even with the religious associations, a unique and interesting option. Alternative to Paris, Abel.

  • Parody

    Another tongue-in-cheek option. Alternative to Melody.

  • Romance

    A little clunky but cute. Nicknames Romy, Mance.

  • Saga

    A rather solemn and far-reaching alternative to Sage.

  • Sonnet

    A bit more specificity for poetry lovers.

  • Story

    Cute but becoming more mainstream as celebrities get their sticky paws all over it.

  • Simile

    Cutesy alternative to Emily.