Religious and Hip: Boys

Names that aren't from the Bible but still have spiritual significance, for the Christian moms and dads who want something religious but unexpected. - Created by mrsyunyun

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  • Abbott

    This name will bring up references of either the comedian or the position in the Catholic church.

  • Archer

    See Arrow

  • Arrow

    Psalm 127; also referenced by Khalil Jibran

  • Cai

    Like the Greek word, chi, but spelled phonetically. Is often used as an abbreviation for Christ.

  • Cairo

    Like the city in Egypt, also sounds like Cai Rho, the labarum. The symbol represents Christ.

  • Chandler

    With a meaning like candlemaker, your little Chandler will be a light to the world.

  • Deacon

    Part cowboy and part lay leader, your little Deacon will be sound in faith and life.

  • Elliot

    Derived from Elijah, this name means Jehovah is God. It is a great name for parents who admire the missionary Jim Elliot.

  • Hudson

    After OMF founder, Hudson Taylor. Perfect for a New York baby.

  • Justice

    A perfect virtue name for a boy. It reminds me of the Third Day song, "Your Love, Oh Lord."

  • Pax

    Peace in Latin. One of the Jolie-Pitt kids has this name, so you know it's hot.

  • Sage

    A unisex name that is both virtue and botanical, this preppy name means wise.

  • Shepherd

    Named after the good Shepherd himself, this name feels traditional but fresh.