girls names I currently like

I don't know if I have a particular naming style, but I like some unusual names, some ancient names with fun nicknames, I like unisex names for girls, word/place/nature names. My favorite is when names have a lot of nickname options. growing up with a name that didn't necesarily fit me, I definately would want any future children to have some say in their names. - Created by emjae

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  • Adelaide

    although the name seems a little snotty, I like it for some reason. nn Addy, Del, Lady, Adele

  • Alden

    love the meaning!!! Origin of Alden: English. Meaning of Alden: "old, wise friend". Tired male surname name that sounds fresh and modern for a girl.

  • Amabel

  • Anika

  • Annabel

    Origin of Annabel: Scottish variation of Amabel Meaning of Annabel: "loving" Annabel's Popularity in 2012: #519. Annabel is a spirited name that embodies quirky British gentility, and is gaining increading favor in the US in the wake of the mega-popular Isabel. Appearing in Scotland as early as the twelfth century, where it was a royal name,it also recalls the romantic Edgar Allan Poe poem Annabel Lee, written upon the death of his young wife, Virginia.

  • Artis

    Like the meaning! Origin of Artis: Scottish. Meaning of Artis: "bear". Unusual multicultural choice that may appeal to the artistically inclined.

  • Anoki

    native american name meaning actor? I just love the sound of the name

  • Barrett

  • Beryl

    love love love the meaning

  • Calliope

  • Cerulean

    It has a soft sound and it’s a striking blue. It’s got Lee for a boy and Roo for a girl if you want a nickname. I think Cerulean would make a very cool name on either gender, stunning for a little blue eyed baby.

  • Clover

    love namture names!

  • Coralie

    love cora

  • Cordelia

    similar to cornelia. nn Cora, Cord, Cordi, Codi, Cory, Del, Delia

  • Cornelia

    name as a whole; meh. Also sounds a little pretentious to me, but love fun nn Corney, Corn, Cora, Nell, Nellie

  • Cooper

    Never thought of this; for a girl it would be so fresh & adorable & spunky!

  • Eilidh

    Means "lovable", and reminds me of mu faborite cow, Anabelle! Amabel is an older name than Annabel and a lot more distinctive. Amabel was a very common name in the twelfth and thirteen centuries, then was revived during the nineteenth century British fad for medieval names.

  • Elizabeth

    nn Eli, Elsa, Elsie, Lilibet. after my mother & grandmom MJ alway wanted a daughter named this

  • Ellery

    "surname that means island with elder trees" reminds me of meaning of my last name Santry often called "sand+tree" which actually means "old tribe"

  • Elowen

    a Cornish nature name that means "elm," a relatively new entry to the lexicon thanks to the revival of the Cornish language

  • Emerson

    love for a boy as well, but love Ralph. He's great. Or could just settle for girlier Emory/Emery

  • Eos

    Too short, but I still love it! Totally would have twin name Noa or Aurora nn Rory.pronounced with a long e at the beginning and two syllables -- is the Greek corollary of Aurora, goddess of the dawn. This ancient name with a sleek, modern feel might be an innovative way to honor grandma Dawn.

  • Ezri

    means "helpful, strong". Nickname-y and unisex, i like it : )

  • Fallon

    one of my many current F name crushes

  • Farrell

    one of my many current F name crushes

  • Felicity

    love nn possibility Flick!! so quirky and reminds me of bugs life character! Also loved Felicity the colonial american girl doll : )

  • Finella

    so many nicknames I love in one name!! Finn, Nell/Nellie, Elle/Ella

  • Finley

    one of my many current F name crushes. Love nn Finn!! or Effie or Elfie! + mn Baye, (sorry if I stole this from someone). Could make for nn Elphaba : )

  • Hattie

    this nn name reminds me of a simpler time

  • Indigo

    possibly too out there, but nn Indie is cute, and Iike color name and connection to the concept of "indigo children"

  • Kalliope

    original version of Calliope. means "beatiful voice" nicknames : Kalli, Kal, Lio, Popi

  • Kamali

    Love the meaning!! Origin of Kamali: African, Mashona. Meaning of Kamali: "spirit guide, protector"

  • Lily

    way too popular, but has always been a somehow subconscious favorite of mine. Could also relate to Aunr Suzanne, which is french for Lily

  • Marlowe

    a little too clunky, but still a really awesome quirky name. Not a big M name fan though

  • Nayeli

    means "I love you"

  • Nellie

    or Nell. Another old nicknamey name

  • Nemy

    Such a cute, simple, nicknamey name! Origin of Nemy: African. Meaning of Nemy: "sweet". Friendly and energetic.

  • Noa

    Noah has always been a favorite boys name of mine, but I LOVE this spelling for a girl. And it means movement (i think?). Such a simple, yet powerful word.

  • Noli

    favorite character from children's book "the Kin". A young, brave adventerous girl with prophetic abilities.

  • Norabel

    A different way to get to nn Nora! Origin of Norabel: English. Meaning of Norabel: "beautiful light". Blended name sometimes heard in the early decades of the twentieth century

  • Oakley

    love Oak

  • Ottilleon

    Otto is a family name. nn Oatey, Tillie, Leon

  • Penelope

    not crazy about the name as a whole, but it has so many great nns! Nell, Pippa, Poppy, Penny, Cantelope (hehe)

  • Piper

    nn Pip, Pippa, maybe poppy? still seems a little too short?

  • Poppy

    love it, but has no easy nn options

  • Russet

    No reason why, I just love this name

  • Sena

    So much in such a little name! Origin of Sena: Korean; Hindi; Arabic; African. Meaning of Sena: "this world's beauty or grace; army; to praise; bringing heaven to earth".Sena is one of those names that is as obscure in the Western World as it is simple and straightforward. Sena exists as a name in a range of languages and cultures and may be pronounced like Senna (with a soft e) or Sienna. Sena is also a place name, a surname, the name of several groups of people, and the name of a genus of moth as well as a kind of wine, among other things.

  • Senara

    love meaning "light"

  • Shiloh

    love the meaning "he who is to be sent". Mature & unique. I would rename myself this

  • Sibley

    meaning love! Origin of Sibley: Variation of Sybil, Greek. Meaning of Sibley: "seer, oracle" . Meet my sibling, Sibley. Joking aside, Sibley sounds more possible than ever thanks to its trendy -ley ending and the new stylishness of big sister name Sybil.

  • Sinead

    has same meaning as name John. Use to honor all the Johns in the fam! Origin of Sinead: Irish form of Janet. Meaning of Sinead: "God is gracious". One of the best known of the Irish girls’ names, thanks to singer Sinead O’Connor. It’s no longer as fashionable in Ireland as Aoife or Aisling, but by now everyone in the Western World knows it’s pronounced shin-aid.

  • Soren

  • Sybella

    Origin of Sybella: Variation of Sybil or Sibyl. Meaning of Sybella: "seer, oracle". The lovely Sybella is being nudged into the spotlight by two influences: the original Sybil (the most popular spelling) or Sibyl, name of the beauteous youngest sister of television's period megahit Downton Abbey, and Top Ten name Isabella.

  • Teagan

  • Teddy

    also love this for a boy, but its really cute for girls too. I connect it to my dance company, abbreviated as TAD

  • Terra

    Origin of Terra: Latin. Meaning of Terra: "earth" < yes!! love the meaning! Could be used to honor a Teresa?

  • Theolan

  • Theory

  • Thisbe

    Don't really know why I like this one

  • Willa

    Would use as a mn to honor Liam & the williams. Origin of Willa: Feminine variation of William Meaning of Willa: "resolute protection" Willa's Popularity in 2012: #723.Willa has become increasingly fashionable, with its combination of Willa Cather-like pioneer strength and the graceful beauty of the willow tree.

  • Zella

    Another cute and simple name! And i love the meaning! Origin of Zella: African, Bobangi. Meaning of Zella: "lacking nothing, one who knows the way". This is an African name that would fit into any culture.