Baby girl names I adore

OK... I'm Irish through and through, and have the weird Gaelic name to prove it! This list of girl's names are a collection of my all-time favorite names, though not in order. What do you guys think? (PS: Husband and future daddy is fine with difficult pronunciations) - Created by CeilidhOliver

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  • Caioileann (Kay-linn)

    Means fair and slender

  • Ciara (Kiara)

    Means 'little one'

  • Aislinn (Ash-ling)

    Means dream, vision

  • Ampersand

    I think it's a cool name, and she could use using he symbol & for a signature

  • Aoibheann (eve-een)

    Means 'beautiful sheen'. NN Evie

  • Aoife (ee-fa)

    Means beauty, radiance

  • Azalea

    Beautiful pink flower. NN Lea

  • Brooklyn

    Named after Brooklyn, NY

  • Eibhleann (ave-linn)

    Means pleasant, beautiful, radiant. NN probably Avie

  • Jessalyn

    Means watchful. NN Jessa

  • Kaela

    Variant of Kayla, means pure

  • Kennadie

    Pretty name, after JFK

  • Saoirse (Sear-Sha)

    Means freedom. Powerful Irish name

  • Siobhan

    Means 'full of charm'