Baby Boy Names

A list of potential baby names for a boy if that is what I am having. Just want to keep my options open. - Created by tickyette

  • Atticus

  • Benson

    I originally heard this name on The Regular Show and loved it. It's a simple name, but it seems pretty uncommon.

  • Calvin

  • Cormac

  • Hanley

  • Harvey

  • Jack

  • Tennyson

  • Theophilus

    The name we're actually going for is Theophil, which is a family name. My husband's great great uncle on his father's side was named Theophil. Since we gave the name of Bruce's great great uncle on his mother's side, Ignatius, as the middle name for our first son, it seems only fitting to make this a potential name or middle name for the future baby if it is a boy. I really like it and my father-in-law would be extremely happy if we used it. :)

  • Tobias