Latin Word Names for Girls

Ancient Latin words that would make suitable names for a child or storybook character.
      • ANTEA
        • APIANA
          • APRICA
            • ATRA
              • AZUREA
                • BELLICA
                  • BELLULA
                    • CETERI
                      • Caerulea
                        • FABULA
                          • FERULA
                            • Gloria
                              • Origin:

                              • Meaning:

                              • Description:

                                Gloria is beginning to move beyond its de-glamorized Grandma image, most recently thanks to glamorous young Hollywood parents Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard, who chose it for their second daughter. Gyllenhaal was quoted as saying they had been inspired by Patti Smith's rendition of the Van Morrison song "Gloria" at a concert and thought " 'We'll name our daughter that one day'."
                            • MODICA
                              • Nebula
                                • Origin:

                                • Meaning:

                                • Description:

                                  Could be the next Nova, now that celestial baby names are in the ascendent.
                              • Palma
                                • Origin:

                                  Latin place-name
                                • Description:

                                  Palma is an appealing Latin name that's both geographical -- it's the romantic city on the Spanish island of Majorca -- and botanical, relating to the palm frond. Sometimes given to girls born on Palm Sunday.
                              • PLUVIA
                                • PROCELLA
                                  • Persici