Baod Names

Combining Nameberry's popular names with its more infamous ones, and seeing where the meanings go. - Created by NotADadJustAWriter

  • Amilo

    (Ah-MEHL-oh) Ah and Milo. Ah doesn't have a meaning. Maybe Soldier of Fear? Fearful soldier? Fearlessly merciful?

  • Avaidy

    (Ae-vy-dee) Ava and Laidy; Noble Lady

  • Battice

    (BAH-tih-see) Battina and Alice; Noble oath

  • Calluorel

    (kuh-LORE-ehl) Callum and Oral; Eagle Dove? Ummmm... An attack hidden in the disguise of peace. There ya go

  • Casish

    (Cahs-ish) Cassian and Fish; Hollow fish.

  • Decalza

    (DEHK-ahlz-uh) Declan and Balzac (yes that's an actual name appearently); Praying French Writer

  • Faolan

  • Geraint

  • Gayloen

    (GAY-low-ehn) Gaylord and Owen; Brisk young warrior

  • Hubias

    (Huh-BY-uhs) Hung and Tobias; #blessed w/balls (I'm sorry)

  • Increleo

    (Ehn-CREH-leeoh) Increase and Leo; E X P A N D I N G lion

  • Phoeabee

    (FEE-uh-bee) Abeey and Phoebe; a joyful shining

  • Queetaos

    (KEY-tah-ohs) Amos and Queeto; Fifth carried by god/fifth carried

  • Reyes