My Favourite Girls Names

- Created by mckaylalove

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  • Adele

    noble, nobility.

  • Aoife

    radiant, beautiful, Irish folklore - fiercest woman warrior in the world.

  • Arabella

    eagle heroine, beautiful.

  • Arden

    valley of the eagle

  • Aria


  • Ariadne

    nickname Aria; most holy, goddess of fertility.

  • Artemis

    goddess of hunt, wilderness, animals, protector of young girls, moon.

  • Aurora

    nickname Rory

  • Avery

    ruler of the elves.

  • Aviva

    springlike, fresh, dewy.

  • Blair

    dweller on the plain.

  • Caia

    to rejoice, goddess of fire.

  • Cecily

    blind, literature name.

  • Clio

    glory, muse of history and heroic poetry.

  • Clover

    nickname Clove; nature name, good luck.

  • Cosima

    order, beauty.

  • Daisy

    nature name, pearl.

  • Diana

    divine, goddess of the moon, the hunt and protector of animals.

  • Elena

    bright, shining one.

  • Elle


  • Ellis

    nickname Elle; benevolent.

  • Elowen

    nickname Elle, Lola; elm

  • Elsa


  • Elula

    nickname Elle, Lula; Hebrew name.

  • Elva

    leader of the elves.

  • Eris

    goddess of strife and discord.

  • Faye


  • Felicity

    nickname Liss; good fortune, happy.

  • Fern

    nature name.

  • Fleur


  • Freya

    noble woman, goddess of love, beauty, and fertility.

  • Harlow


  • Harper

    harp player.

  • Helena

    nickname Lena; bright, shining one.

  • Indira

    nickname Indy; beauty.

  • Juniper

    nature name.

  • Juno

    queen of the heavens, goddess of Rome.

  • Katherine

    nickname Kitty; pure.

  • Laurel

    laurel tree, laurel wreath signifying success and peace.

  • Lena

    light, bright one.

  • Lola

    lady of sorrows.

  • Lux


  • Lydia

    place name.

  • Lyla

    playground of the gods.

  • Lyra

    lyre, constellation.

  • Maren


  • Maya

    water, illusion, mother of Hermes (Greek), earth mother and goddess of spring (Roman).

  • Merida

    one who has achieved a place of honor.

  • Noa

    movement and motion, love and affection, free and freedom.

  • Pearl

    nature name.

  • Persephone

    nickname Posy; queen of harvest, goddess of harvest and spring

  • Phoebe

    radiant, shining one, goddess of the moon, the hunt

  • Phoenix

    dark red, rebirth, immortality.

  • Piper

    pipe or flute player.

  • Poppy

    flower name.

  • Ramona

    nickname Romy; wise protector.

  • Rosalind

    pretty rose.

  • Rose

    nature name.

  • Saffron

    spice name.

  • Sage

    wise, nature name.

  • Sailor

    occupation name; may prefer Saylor.

  • Sakura

    nickname Suki; cherry blossom.

  • Scout

    literary name.

  • Senna

    brightness, nature name.

  • Stella


  • Suki

    to love; character name.

  • Suri

    princess, the sun, rose.

  • Suria

    nickname Suri; sun god.

  • Tallulah

    nickname Lula; leaping water.

  • Tansy


  • Terra


  • Thea

    goddess, godly.

  • Thora

    thunder goddess.

  • Tullia

    variation of Tullius, a Roman philosopher, pronounced TUH-lia.

  • Twila

    woven with a double thread, early evening.

  • Verity


  • Violet

    purple, nature name.

  • Viveca

    alive, life, place of refuge.

  • Vivienne


  • Willa

    resolute protection.

  • Winter

    nature name.