* Nature Names - Weather Phenomena *

Whether or not you believe in global warming, these weather-related gems might be just the ticket for kids and characters needing to be backed up with a big dose of Mother Nature's wrath. Please suggest more if you can think of any. - Created by itsjustme2407

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  • Aurora

    Otherwise known as the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights. Also comes with some Disney princess associations and the cute nickname Rory. On its own, the name is Latin for 'dawn' and can also refer to the Roman goddess of the morning.

  • Avalanche

    For fans of the comic character or the Colorado Avalanche hockey team. Is Lanche the new Lance? Who knows?

  • Blizzard

    Has the potential to be really badass but unfortunately is spoiled by DQ associations. Dang. Now I want some ice cream...

  • Cirrus

    A rather pretty type of cloud. Great alternative for Cyrus (which for me has always been off-putting just for its similiarities to Virus).

  • Cyclone

    Brings to mind roller coasters as well as water spouts. Nickname Cy without having to go the Cyrus route (see Cirrus).

  • Fog

    Ok. I admit. The only redeeming quality of this as a name would be the nickname Foggy, and even then only because of Franklin 'Foggy' Nelson from 'Daredevil.'

  • Hurricane

    In honor of Rubin 'The Hurricane' Carter. Or just because you like the nickname Cane but don't want to saddle your kid with such a biblical bombshell. Bonus: Combined with a middle name, the lucky recipient is always going to sound like a storm themselves (i.e., Hurricane Donovan, Hurricane James, or (my favorite for an awesome little girl) Hurricane Mariposa).

  • Lightning

    I'm no fan of 'Cars,' but certainly sharing a name with Lightning McQueen would make any five-year-olds day... unfortunately, this doesn't have any good or even obvious nicknames, so that same kid may grow up to hate you.

  • Maelstrom

    A fancy and distinguished way of naming someone 'Whirlpool,' which I thought about including on this list but decided against for various appliance-related reasons.

  • Monsoon

    Can't see it on a real person but maybe for a character. IDK. Can't say much in its defense except that its unique.

  • Nimbus

    I'm surprised Harry Potter fans haven't jumped all over this already. Also another cloud name. Unfortunately leaves a lot of openings for Nimrod-related teasing.

  • Quake

    After the illustrious Daisy Johnson aka Skye from 'Agents of Shield' and related media.

  • Rain

    Somehow both the most boring and most deadly of weather.

  • Rainbow

    Does this count as weather? Well, I'm counting it.

  • Sky

    Hey, clear blue skies are weather, too. Some people actual prefer them...

  • Snow

    'You know nothing, Jon Snow...'

  • Storm

    The white-haired X-Man weather witch aka Ororo Monroe.

  • Sunshine

    Aw, I have a soft spot for Sunny as a nickname. And, really, in some areas, all people get most of the year is 'sunny and 80.'

  • Thunder

    To be honest, I'd probably use Thor before Thunder, but maybe kids with this name will never be afflicated with phobias about bowling angels.

  • Tornado

    I like it in theory, but it may invite all kids of nasty Twister jokes...

  • Tsunami

    For fans of the 90s classic 'Johnny Tsunami.' Also has some fun boy named Tsu implications.

  • Wildfire

    Meh. Why not?