Avicultural Names

This is a list of bird names. A lot of these names can be used for either gender, so don't be afraid to name a boy Finch (think Atticus Finch) or Lark and a girl Falcon or Hawk. - Created by vintageluvs

  • 'Akialoa

  • 'Amakihi

  • 'Iolani

    from Hawaiian, meaning "exalted hawk"

  • Alouette

    from the French, meaning "lark"

  • Aquila

    from Latin, meaning "eagle"

  • Argus

    from the Greek, meaning "watchful guardian"

  • Ari

    from Old Norse, meaning "eagle"

  • Arvid

    from Norwegian, meaning "eagle tree"

  • Adern

    from Welsh, meaning "bird"

  • Aedon

    from the Greek, meaning "nightingale"

  • Aetos

    from the Greek, meaning "eagle"

  • Ahwesydh

    from Cornish, meaning "skylark"

  • Aigle

    from the French, meaning "eagle"

  • Albatross

    from Arabic, meaning "the diver"

  • Araponga

    from the French, meaning "bellbird"

  • Arnbjörg

    from Icelandic, meaning "eagle proctection"

  • Bertram

    from German, meaning "bright raven"

  • Birtle

    from English, meaning "hill of birds"

  • Branagan

    from Irish, meaning "little raven"

  • Brant

  • Branwen

    from Celtic, meaning "blessed raven"

  • Barwing

  • Bellbird

  • Blackcap

  • Bluebird

  • Bluebonnet

  • Bobwhite

  • Brambling

    from German

  • Bulbul

    from Persian, meaning "nightingale"

  • Calandra

    from the Greek, meaning "lark"

  • Callum

    from Scottish, meaning "dove"

  • Canary

    from the French canari, meaning "person from the Canary Islands"

  • Corbin

    from Latin, meaning "crow"

  • Corella

    from Wiradhuri

  • Cornell

    from Latin, meaning "crow"

  • Corvina

    from Latin, meaning "like a raven"

  • Crane

    from the Greek

  • Crawford

    from English, meaning "ford where crows gather"

  • Capercaillie

    from the Scottish Gaelic capull coille, meaning "horse of the wood"

  • Cardinal

    from Latin, meaning "hinge"

  • Ceyx

  • Chelidon

    from the Greek, meaning "swallow"

  • Colmcilla

    from Irish, meaning "dove of the church"

  • Cormorant

  • Dayanah

    from Hebrew, meaning "bird of prey"

  • Dove

    from Old Norse

  • Drongo

    from Malagasy

  • Duck

    from Germanic, meaning "diving bird"

  • Eagle

    from Latin

  • Efron

    from Hebrew, meaning "bird, lark"

  • Emerald

    from Semitic, meaning "flash, sparkle"

  • Eos

    from Welsh, meaning "nightingale"

  • Euphonia

    from the Greek, meaning "well sounding"

  • Falcon

    from Latin

  • Feeny

    from Irish, meaning "little raven"

  • Finch

    from Old English

  • Fairywren

  • Falco

    from Latin, meaning "falcon"

  • Fauvette

    from the French, meaning "blackcap"

  • Fernwren

  • Feygel

    from Yiddish, meaning "bird"

  • Fieldfare

    from English, meaning "field travel"

  • Fion

    from Quenya, meaning "hawk"

  • Flamingo

    from Latin, meaning "a flame"

  • Francolin

  • Friarbird

  • Fulmar

    from Old Norse, meaning "stinking, foul + gull"

  • Fulvetta

  • Gannet

    from Old English

  • Griffin

    from Welsh, meaning "strong lord"

  • Gull

    from Celtic, meaning "long-winged swimming birds"

  • Gull

    from Celtic, meaning "long-winged swimming birds"

  • Garganey

  • Gerygone

    means "born of sound"

  • Golan

    from Cornish, meaning "seagull"

  • Goose

    from Old English

  • Goshawk

    from Old English, meaning "goose + hawk"

  • Greenbul

  • Grouse

    related to medieval Latin gruta or to the French grue "crane"

  • Guan

    from Miskito kwamu

  • Guillemot

    from French, a diminutive of Guillaume "William"

  • Guntram

    from Germanic, meaning "battle raven"

  • Gwylan

    from Welsh, meaning "seagull"

  • Gyrfalcon

    from Germanic, meaning "spear + falcon"

  • Halcyon

    from the Greek, meaning "kingfisher bird"

  • Halcyon

    from the Greek, meaning "kingfisher bird"

  • Hawk

    from Germanic origins

  • Heron

    from Germanic origins

  • Hrafn

    from Icealndic, meaning "raven"

  • Hummingbird

  • Ibon

  • Ingram

    from German, meaning "angel-raven"

  • Irena

  • Illas

    from the Greek, meaning "thrush"

  • Jarita

    from Sanskrit, meaning "lengendary bird"

  • Jay

    from Latin, meaning "jaybird"

  • Jay

    from Latin, meaning "jaybird"

  • Jery

  • Jackdaw

  • Jónas

    from Icelandic, meaning "dove"

  • Kafka

    from Czech, meaning "jackdaw"

  • Koko

    from Japanese, meaning "stork"

  • Kestrel

    from English, perhaps an imitation of its call

  • Kite

    from Old English, meaning "screech owl"

  • Kotka

    from Finnish, meaning "eagle"

  • Lark

    from English

  • Linnet

    from the French, meaning "flax"

  • Lonan

    from Irish, meaning "blackbird"

  • Leaflove

  • Leonardina

  • Llinos

    from Welsh, meaning "greenfinch"

  • Longspur

  • Loon

    from Old Norse, denoting a diver or a guillemot

  • Lovebird

  • Lyrebird

  • Malia

  • Martin

    from English, probably from the name of St. Martin of Tours

  • Mavis

    from the French, meaning "songbird"

  • Merel

    from Dutch, meaning "black bird"

  • Merle

    from the French, meaning "blackbird"

  • Merlin

    from Germanic origins

  • Milan

    from French, meaning "kite"

  • Myna

    from Hindi

  • Meadowlark

  • Merilin

    from Sindarin, meaning "nightingale"

  • Mesia

    from Latin

  • Monal

    from Nepali

  • Morwennol

    from Cornish, meaning "tern"

  • Myzomela

  • Nightingale

    from Germanic, meaning "night singer"

  • Nukupu'u

  • Nutcracker

  • Orev

    from Hebrew, meaning "raven"

  • Ozuru

    from Japanese, meaning "big stork"

  • Oiseau

    from the French, meaning "bird"

  • Oriole

    from Latin, meaning "golden"

  • Owl

    from Germanic origins, from an imitation of the bird's call

  • Palila

    from Hawaiian, meaning "a bird"

  • Paloma

    from Spanish, meaning "dove"

  • Parastoo

    from Persian, meaning "bird"

  • Patzi

    from Omaha, meaning "yellow bird"

  • Peregrine

    from Latin, meaning "pilgrim, traveler"

  • Philemon

    from the Greek, meaning "kiss"

  • Philomela

    from the Greek, meaning "lover of songs"

  • Phoebe

    from the Greek, meaning "bright one"

  • Phoenix

    from the Greek, meaning "reddish purple"

  • Paradigalla

  • Partridge

    from the Latin "perdix"

  • Peafowl

  • Petrel

    from the 17th cent., associated with St Peter

  • Pheasant

  • Procne

    from the Greek, meaning "wife of pandion"

  • Ptarmigan

    from Scottish Gaelic tarmachan

  • Puaiohi

  • Quail

    from Latin

  • Raven

    from Germanic origins

  • Robin

    from the French, meaning "bright fame"

  • Robin

    from the French, meaning "bright fame"

  • Rosella

  • Rooster

    North American name for a male domestic fowl

  • Rosefinch

  • Rossignol

    from the French, meaning "nightingale"

  • Ruddock

    from English, meaning "robin"

  • Rudhek

    from Cornish, meaning "robin"

  • Sparrow

    from Germanic origin

  • Starling

    from Germanic origins

  • Swan

    from Germanic origins

  • Sylvia

  • Scaup

  • Sephore

    from Hebrew, meaning "bird"

  • Shelduck

    probably meaning "variegated" + "duck"

  • Sibia

    from Nepalese

  • Silverbird

  • Simurgh

    from Persian

  • Sittella

    from the Greek, meaning "nuthatch"

  • Skylark

  • Snowfinch

  • Songlark

  • Speirop

  • Stork

    from Germanic origins, possibly meaning "strong"

  • Sunbird

  • Suzume

    from Japanese, meaning "sparrow"

  • Svana

    from Icelandic, meaning "swan"

  • Sylph

    from Latin, meaning "wood nymph"

  • Talon

    from the French, meaning "large claw of a bird of prey"

  • Tazu

    from Japanese, meaning "rice-field stork"

  • Teal

    from Middle English

  • Topaz

    from the Greek

  • Tor

    from Hebrew, meaning "turtledove"

  • Tori

    from Japanese, meaning "bird"

  • Tercel

    from Latin, meaning "third"

  • Tereus

    from the Greek, meaning "king of Thrace"

  • Thrush

    from Germanic origin

  • Tody

    from the Latin "todus", the name of a small bird

  • Toibe

    from Yiddish, meaning "dove"

  • Tragopan

    from the Greek tragos, meaning "goat" + the name Pan

  • Turkey

  • Uccello

    from Italian, meaning "bird"

  • Wren

    from Germanic origin

  • Wren

    from Germanic origin

  • Wolfram

    from German, meaning "wolf-raven"

  • Woodnymph

  • Zamir

    from Hebrew, meaning "song, bird"

  • Zenaida

  • Ziz

    from Hebrew