Modern Invented Baby Names

Expand your view of creativity - here is a list of inspiring and inventive baby names. Inventing a name or varying a spelling is great if that's your style, but there are lots of other ways to be creative. Try a fresh international twist on a familiar name. Consider names you never even knew existed - hybrid names - by combining two names together, or simply names that are rare, e.g. surnames. I promise you will arrive at the best possible baby-naming decision for your baby.
    • Agyptianna
      • Alexizirene
        • Calisle
          • Elixyvett
            • Origin:

              Hybrid name
            • Description:

              Elixyvett is part Elizabeth, part Alexis, part Yvette -- and a total mess. Few people go to such lengths to make a name different. Aren't you glad?
          • Foxisla