re-nicknaming myself

my name is Mary Jean, I have always gone by MJ. I just like re-imagining other nicknames for myself although they will probably never be used : ) This list also serves to help me remember some of my nicknames that have come up over time - Created by emjae

  • Emer

    look at the description

  • Emery

    german meaning "industrious"

  • Emmy Jae

    some kids like to call me this, I think its cute!

  • Imogen

    actually pretty similar to the sound of my name, but it has a more creative vibe and a nicer meaning. And varies alot, Emojean or Emogene are there

  • Marjani

  • Marlowe

    or Marlow, English name meaning "driftwood", Marlo is listed under variations and nicknames for Mary

  • May

    simple, clean. Variation of Mary that rhymes with pronunciation of MJ

  • Mehri

  • MJ

    what I always go by

  • Myrtle

    well, it sounds cute when my Dad calls me this haha

  • Mojo

    this didn't last for long, but it came about from my name M.J. being written in giant bubble letters and looking like mojo