Arthurian names for Boys and Girls

Love king Arthur and all of the myths and people surrounding him? Here's a selection (not compliation!) of boy, girl, and unisex names mentioned in Arthurian legend or loosely related. - Created by sweatervests

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  • Albion

    Some legends have this as the name of England when Arthur was ruling

  • Amir

    Amr, Amhar, Anir, and Amir are all names for King Arthur's son.

  • Art

    If Arthur is to long or traditional for you. Also consider Artorius.

  • Arthur

    Of course this one has to be included, and of course it needs to be first!

  • Aurelius

    Arthur's uncle.

  • Arthes

    Feminine fo Arthur

  • Avalon

    Where King Arthur went for his slumber, where he now awaits to return.

  • Avalonia

    Feminine version?

  • Bedivere

    a knight of the round table

  • Blanchefleur

    Percival's wife. It means white flower. Pretty!

  • Caradoc

    means "strong arm", A Knight

  • Caelia

    A fairy queen.

  • Clarion

    a King

  • Daniel

    A Knight

  • Dindrane

    Sister of Percival, but personally sounds like a masculine name to me.

  • Dragonet

    Arthur's court jester

  • Elaine

    The lady of Shalott in some versions, lover of Lancelot and mother of Galahad in others, Sometimes sister of Arthur and Morgan le Fay. Pretty good Arthurian name!

  • Emrys

    Merlin's welsh name

  • Evaine

    Wife of Bors the Elder, mother of Bors the Younger and Lionel, sister of Elaine of Benoic, aunt of Lancelot

  • Ector

    Raised King Arthur

  • Elyan

    A knight. Unisex name?

  • Emrys

    good unisex name

  • Fae

    the Faeries

  • Gareth

    Gaheris' brother

  • Gavin

    "hawk of the battle"

  • Gawain

    a Knight

  • Griffin

    mythological beast

  • Guinevere

    Queen of Camelot. Similar names like Gwendolyn, Jennifer, Gwyneth, etc

  • Gaheris

    Son of King Lot and Morgause, brother to Gawain, Agravaine, and Gareth, and half-brother to Mordred

  • Galahad

    a Knight

  • Isolde

    Tristan's lover, of Ireland

  • Igraine

    Arthur's mother

  • Kay

    Arthur's foster brother, but I like it as a female name

  • Lancelot

    if you don't know who this is you are possible on the wrong list

  • Lionel

    Son of King Bors of Gaunnes (or Gaul), brother of Bors the Younger

  • Lucan

    a Knight

  • Lunette

    a handmaiden and advisor to sir Ywain's wife

  • Lynette

    Seeks aid from Arthur to rescue her sister Lyonesse; Arthur sends an incognito Gareth, who she berates until he proves his worth

  • Lot

    King of Lothian, father to Gawain, Agravain, Gaheris, and Gareth

  • Lyonesse

    Lynette's sister

  • Mark

    King of Ireland, Tristan's uncle, Isolde's husband

  • Merlin

    King Arthur's wizard. Can be a unisex name!

  • Morgan

    Le fay. Also consider Morgana

  • Morwenna

    celtic/wels name means 'maiden'

  • Meliodas

    Tristan's father

  • Mordred

    Arthur's son or half brother depending upon who you ask, kills Arthur

  • Nimue

    an enchantress or lady of the lake depending who you ask

  • Oberon

    King of the fairies

  • Olwyn

    Daughter of a giant

  • Owain

    a Knight

  • Percival

    a Knight. Consider Percy for a girl.

  • Rion

    name of a giant, I like it for a girl

  • Saeth

    means 'arrow'

  • Tarian

    means 'shield'

  • Tor

    a Knight

  • Tristan

    Isolde's lover

  • Tristan

    works for a girl too!

  • Viviane

    Lady of the lake

  • Vivien

    Alternate spelling

  • Wynn

    white skinned (welsh name)