Jenn's Girls names

uncommon, classic but cool, bewitching names - Created by namenerd4444

  • Alexandra

    Alex, Alexandra Marie

  • Althea

    meaning "with healing power", greek, nn Thea, Althea Marie

  • Amelie

    meaning "energetic", french, too close to Emilie

  • Amethyst

    birthstone for February, Amethyst Lee

  • Anabelle

    from Edgar Allan Poe's poem "Annabel Lee", Prefer spelling "Anabel", Annabelle, Annabel Marie

  • Antonia

    nn Nia, meaning priceless, Antonia Soleil, Antonia Marie

  • Cassandra

    meaning "prophetess", greek, Cassandra Marie, Cassandra Jane, Cassandra Paige, nn Cassie

  • Celeste

    meaning "heavenly", latin, Celeste Fortuna

  • Circe

    from Greek mythology, (pronounced SUR-see)

  • Clara

    means "clear" or "clarity", Clara Simone

  • Coraline


  • Diana

    meaning "divine", latin, goddess Diana, Diana Nicole

  • Eden

    meaning "place of pleasure, delight", too popular, Eden Quinn

  • Eliana

    nn Lia, Eliana Marie

  • Eloise

    Eloise Ventura

  • Evangeline

    meaning "bearer of good news", greek, Evangeline Marie


  • Freya

  • Havana

    (my side of family is Cuban), Havana Marie

  • Haven

    Haven Marie, hard but soft but doesn't work with last name

  • Isadora

    Meaning "gift of Isis", nn Izzy, nn Sadie, connection it Isis - goddess of fertility and birth, Isadora Marie

  • Isis

    meaning "supreme goddess", egyptian, Isis Evangeline

  • Ivy

  • Jacinda

    meaning "hyacinth"

  • Josephine

    Josephine Soleil, nn Phin ..."fin"

  • Leila

    meaning "dark beauty, night", persian, Leila Marie, Layla

  • Lillian

    nn Lily, Lilliane Marie

  • Lucia

    meaning "light", italian, latin, Luciana, Lucy, Lux, Luce

  • Lucinda

    meaning "light", Lucy, Lux, Lucinda Celeste

  • Luna

    meaning "moon", latin, roman goddess of the moon, Luna Marie, Luna Sol

  • Madeline


  • Maia

    meaning "water", greek, becoming too popular, Born in May

  • Mia

    meaning "mine, bitter", italian, Miya, too popular

  • Mila

    meaning "young ceremonial attendant"

  • Nicolette

    french, Nicole, Collette

  • Nina

    meaning "young girl", spanish, Babylonian goddess of the oceans, Incan goddess of fire, Nina Simone

  • Ofelia

    meaning "help", greek, Ophelia

  • Oriana

    meaning "dawn", latin, Oriana Marie

  • Penelope

    meaning "weaver", greek, Poppy


  • Phoebe

    nn Phebe, Phoebe Soleil

  • Phoenix

    meaning "dark red", greek, mythic bird, Phoenix Marie

  • Piper

    Piper Michelle

  • Rhiannon

    meaning "divine queen", welsh, nn Ray

  • Rosalie

    latin, nn Lee, Rosalie Ventura, Rosalie Sabine, Rosalie Antonia

  • Rosalind

    meaning "red dragon", spanish, Rosalynde Marie

  • Roxanne

    meaning "dawn", persian, Roxy

  • Sabine

    Griffin and Sabine books, french, nn Bean, Sabine Annabel

  • Sabrina

    from Celtic mythology, also Latin, Sabrina Marie

  • Samantha

    because I loved "Bewitched" and "Who's the Boss", Samantha Paige, nn Sam, Samantha Roselle

  • Simone

    meaning "hearkening", french, feminist icon, Simone Fortuna

  • Valentina

    meaning "healthy, strong", Latin, Valentina Luce

  • Violet

    meaning "purple", latin, becoming too popular

  • Vivienne

    meaning "life", latin, Vivian Marie

  • Willow