Favorite Girl First Names

All names will have two middle names with the last name Miller. - Created by hilary_jeanne

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  • Betsy

  • Bianca

  • Daisy

    middle names: Delilah nickname: Dai/Day/Dae - twin name: Daphne

  • Daphne

    middle names: Daffodil - nickname: Daphy or NeeNee - twin name: Daisy

  • Dovie

  • Elsie

    middle names: Elliot - nickname: El

  • Estelle

    middle names: Ebony, Emery - nickname: Essie or Ess

  • Esther

  • Everly

  • Fiona

  • Gemma

    middle names: Gean nickname: Gem, Gigi

  • Janie

  • Jemma

    middle names: Jeanne (my middle name & grandmother's first name)

  • Josie

    middle names: Jane

  • Kalila

  • Lola

    middle names: Lyric

  • Mabel

    nickname: Mae

  • Mahalia

  • Penelope

    middle names: Pearl, Petunia - nickname: Nellie - twin name: Priscilla

  • Regal

  • Rosie


    middle names: Sasha, Snow - nickname:

  • Sally

    middle names: Snow, Seneca - alternative spelling: Sallie

  • Seneca

    middle names: Snow

  • Susie

    middle names: Snow, Seneca, Sage


    middle names: Tulip nickname: LuLu or Lula - twin name: ?

  • Tovah

  • Twila