Australian Baby Names

A mixture of Patriotic names, Australian place names, Australian Aboriginal names, names traditionally associated with Australia, names of famous Australian's and names Australian's love. - Created by Illabeth

  • Acacia

    Acacia pycnantha (Golden Wattle) Australia's floral emblem

  • Adelaide

    Capital of South Australia

  • Alice

    From Alice Springs, place name.

  • Allan

    After Allan Border, famous cricketer

  • Airlie

    Place name: Airlie beach (rhymes with hairy peach) on the Great Barrier Reef QLD. Pronounced air-ee (eh(r)-ee // airy) or ah-lee.

  • Alinta

    A South Australian Aboriginal word meaning 'flame'. Pronounced Ah-LIN-ta. Girls name.

  • Allira

    From the Aboriginal allirea meaning “clear crystal quartz” (Melbourne area dialects). It is also commonly spelt Alira and Allyra. Pronounced Ah-LEER-ah. Girls name.

  • Banjo

    After Andrew 'Banjo' Patterson, australian author and bush poet. Author of The Man From Snowy River, his portrait is on the $10 note.

  • Barry

    After Barry Humphries comedian, and Barry 'Baz' Luhrmann film maker

  • Betty

    After Betty Cuthbert, Austrlaian 'Golden Girl' the only athlete in history to win 100m and 400m golds at the Olympics.

  • Blue

    Bluey is a common Australian nickname given to someone with red hair.

  • Bob

    After Robert James Lee Hawke, one of Australias greatest Prime Ministers. Overseeing many social changes that led to better lives for Australians.

  • Bridie

    Diminutive of Bridget which is popular as a first name.

  • Bruce

    Simply a true-blue ocker name. Also After Bruce Kingsbury 'The man who saved Australia' WWII war hero who was awarded a posthumous Victoria Cross for his incredible bravery on the Kokoda Track

  • Berrigan

    A Wiradjuri Language (Victorian) Aboriginal word meaning 'Wattle' (Acacia). Boys name. Pronounced Berri-gan or beh-rig-an

  • Bindi

    An Aboriginal word meaning 'Little girl' (Dialect unknown). In the Nyungar language of WA it means 'butterfly'. Girls name.

  • Brim

    Aboriginal Jardwadjali and Wergaia (Victorian) Language word meaning 'Well or Spring'. Boy's name.

  • Charlotte

    A very popular name in Australia; number 1 in 2013. Also the name of one of the ships in the First Fleet.

  • Clancy

    "Clancy of The Overflow" a poem by Banjo Paterson

  • Cooper

    Very popular place name; Cooper Creek is one of the longest rivers in Australia, it is also one of the most famous as it was the site of the death of the explorers Burke and Wills.

  • Darwin

    Capital of Northern Territory

  • Dusty

    After Slim Dusty, famous country musician and true Aussie 'mate'

  • Edith

    After Edith Cowan pioneer advocate for women's and children's rights and the first woman in Australia to enter Parliament. Her portrait is on the $50 note.

  • Edmund

    Sir Edmund Barton served as the first Prime Minister of Australia and became a founding justice of the High Court of Australia.

  • Essington

    Place name; Port Essington, an inlet on the Cobourg Peninsula, NT. Also for Essington Lewis a famous Australian industrialist.

  • Gough

    After Edward 'Gough' Whitlam, Australian Prime Minister. Pronounced Goff.

  • Hamish

    Steadily popular name in Aus.

  • Henry

    After Sir Henry Parkes, 'The Father of Federation'. He established the Federal Convention in 1891, fianlly bringing all the states together as one country.

  • Hobart

    Capital of Tasmania

  • Holden

    Australian car manufacturer.

  • Hume

    After early Australian explorer Hamilton Hume, whom discovered the Darling River and took the first overland trek from Sydney to Port Phillip.

  • Iluka

    NSW Aboriginal place name meaning 'by the sea'. Probably derived from Djangati term 'yiluga' for which no exact meaning is known. Pronounced eye-LOO-ka. Boys name.

  • Jack

    Currently very popular; number 2 boys name in 2013. Diminutive form of John, the most used name in Austrlalian history.


    Aboriginal word meaning "barn owl" in the Western Australian language Jiwarli. Pronounced JAR-lee. Boys name.


    Aboriginal word meaning “laughing star” in the Wiradjuri language of Victoria. Pronounced JIM-ba. Traditionally male name.

  • John

    The most popular boy's name in the history of Australia (going back to 1790). Also after Sir John Monash, War Hero and commander of the Australian Imperial Forces during WWI. He was considered the greatest living Australian during his lifetime.

  • Jarrah

    The Aboriginal name for Eucalyptus marginata one of the most common species of Eucalyptus tree in southwest Western Australia. Pronounced JA-ruh. Boys name.

  • Kalinda

    Aboriginal word meaning 'a lookout' or 'see'. Pronounced Ka-LIN-da

  • Karri

    Local Aboriginal and common name for Eucalyptus diversicolor found in southwestern Western Australia. Pronounced Ka-ree. Girl's name.

  • Kimberly

    A beautiful region of Western Australia

  • Kylie

    From the West Austrlaian Aboriginal language Noongar, meaning 'curved stick' or 'boomerang'

  • Kaiya

    From a Queensland area Aboriginal Language meaning 'spear with two barbs'. Pronounced KY-uh. Unisex name.

  • Lachlan

    Very steadily popular name in Australia. After Lachlan Macquarie 'The Father of Australia'

  • Lawson

    From Henry Lawson, famous explorer and writer

  • Lowanna

    Means 'girl' in the Gumbaynggir language (NSW). Also a place name. Girl's name.

  • Margaret

    The most popular girls's name in the history of Australia (going back to 1790). Also after Margaret Court, famous tennis player who won 24 major titles.

  • Matilda

    Waltzing Matilda

  • Murray

    The Murray River, Australia's longest river. Also, The Wiggles.

  • Merindah

    A Sydney area Aboriginal word meaning 'Beautiful'. Pronounced Meh-RIN-duh. Girls name.

  • Ned

    From Edward 'Ned' Kelly infamous outlaw and Aussie 'Hero'.

  • Nellie

    Dame Nellie Melba, famous Australian Operatic soprano. Awarded OBE.

  • Narelle

    From an Aborignal word Narellan meaning 'little river' (NSW origin). Pronounced nuh-REL. Girls name.

  • Nullah

    From the Sydney-area Darug language (now extinct) meaning 'hunting stick' or 'war club'. Character name from Baz Luhrman’s Australia (2008). Pronounched NUL-lah. Boys name.

  • Oliver

    Number 3 boys name in 2013

  • Olivia

    Number 3 girls name in 2013

  • Opal

    Nationl gemstone of Australia, who produces 97% of the worlds supply.


    From an Aboriginal word meaning 'hawk'. Most likely from a local Northern Quensland language. Pronounced 'p(e)-nga-NA or pen-ga-NA'. Girls name. .

  • Perth

    Capital of Western Australia

  • Phillip

    Captain Arthur Phillip was the first Governor of New South Wales and founder of the settlement which became Sydney. Also place name; Port Phillip Bay, Phillp Island, Phillip ACT.

  • Pipca

    A Jodajoda Language (Victoria) Aboriginal word meaning 'possum' (Trichosurus vulpecula). Pronounced Pip-ka. Unisex name.

  • Rosella

    Bird name. Rosella's are a group of closely related species of colourful Australian Parrot

  • Ruby

    Number 2 Girls name in 2013

  • Sharon

    Some consider this another one of those true-blue ocker names. Known as 'Shazza'

  • Sidney

    After Sir Sidney Robert Nolan OM, AC, one of our best known, most famous painters.

  • Stuart

    The Stuart Highway is one of Australias major highways, it crosses the country from Darwin, NT to Port Augusta, SA. It is named after John McDouall Stuart, who was the first European to cross Australia from south to north.

  • Sydney

    Capital of NSW.

  • Talia

    A South Australian Aboriginal word meaning “near water”. Often spelt Tahlia. Also a place name.

  • Tanami

    Place name; The Tanami Desert in NT. Pronounced TAN-uh-mee it is drived from a local Aboriginal word meaning 'never die'. Unisex name.

  • Tarni

    Means "surf, wave, breaker" in the Kaurna Language of South Australia. Pronounced TAH-nee. Girls name.

  • Tasman

    From Tasman Sea, named after the Dutch explorer Abel Janszoon Tasman. Pronouned TAZ-muhn

  • Victoria

    The State, a namesake of Queen Victoria

  • Wayne

    Yet another good ol' traditional ocker name.

  • William

    Number 1 boys name in 2013

  • Warrigal

    Is an Aboriginal Language word meaning 'Wild', 'One who is wild', 'Wild dog (dingo)' or 'Wild horse (Brumby)'. Pronounced Woh-RIG-ul or Woh-ri-GUL. Boy's name.

  • Warrin

    Meaning 'winter' in a Sydney area Aboriginal Language.

  • Yarraman

    Wiradjuri Language word word for 'horse'. Pronounced Ya-rah-man. Also Yarraman was Thowra's father in 'The Silver Brumby' Series of books. Boy's name.

  • Yarran

    Wiradjuri Language word for a hardwood tree or Acacia (wattle). Pronounced Ya-ran. Boy's name.

  • Zali

    Pronounced ZAH-lee. After Zali Steggall an Australian alpine skier. Quite popular.