Biblical Boys and Girls

Little list to help my brother and sister-in-law name their gift on the way! - Created by gothamaccord

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  • Azariah

    (Hebrew) he that hears the Lord

  • Adriel

    (Hebrew) the flock of God

  • Amaziah

    (Hebrew) the strength of the Lord

  • Benjamin

    (Hebrew) son of the right hand

  • Eden

    (Hebrew) pleasure; delight

  • Eli

    (Hebrew) the offering or lifting up

  • Elijah

    (Hebrew) God the Lord, the Lord is strong

  • Elisha

    (Latin) salvation of God

  • Ezekiel

    (Hebrew) the strength of God

  • Gideon

    (Hebrew) he that bruises

  • Isaiah

    (Hebrew) the salvation of the Lord

  • Justus

    (Latin) just or upright

  • Lazarus

    (Hebrew) assistance of God

  • Magdalene

    (Greek) beautiful person

  • Matthias

    (Hebrew) the gift of the Lord

  • Neriah

    (Hebrew) light of the Lord

  • Tobias

    (Hebrew) the Lord is good

  • Uriah

    (Hebrew) the Lord is my light