For Girls, From Girls

My two daughters Florence Plum(8) & Beatrix Wren(5) put together a pretty, sassy, adventurous and classy mixture of names that are sure to have a little something for every girl! - Created by emmeandelise

  • Alice

    In Wonderland. Lucky! -Beatrix

  • Arabella

    Like a Ballerina! -Beatrix

  • Aria

    From Pretty little liars- Plum

  • Bellatrix

    It sounds like my name! She might be bad in Harry Potter, but she's got style and awesomeness! -Beatrix

  • Clara

    It's sweet-Plum

  • Darla

    Little rascals. She's sweet and awesome! -Beatrix

  • Eleanor

    Roosevelt. She was a First Lady that like feminism. Did you know that mama?-Plum

  • Elise

    Like mommy. It's beautiful! -Beatrix

  • Eloise

    She lives at the Plaza! -Beatrix

  • Emma

    It's your name mama!-Beatrix

  • Emme

    It's a nick name. Pronounced "Em" -Plum

  • Hermione

    Do I have to explain? - Plum

  • Jane

    The First Lost Girl! (Peter Pan 2)-Beatrix

  • Lark

    It's really cool- Beatrix

  • Lena

    It's pretty and Greek! -Plum

  • Lucy

    In the sky with diamonds...ahhhh...-Plum

  • Persephone

    It's Greek too!-Beatrix

  • Poet

    Pretty mama! -Beatrix

  • Prudence

    Dear, Prudence. The Beatles have it all! -Plum

  • Quinn

    Fabray!(From Glee, yes Glee) She is sooooo pretty and has a beautiful voice. I love her! -Beatrix

  • Santana

    From Glee. She's fierce. -Plum

  • Wendy

    From Peter Pan! -Beatrix

  • Wren

    It's beautiful- Plum