Usable Hunger Games Names

I chose names that are reasonably usable, along with a brief description of their character and where their name came from. - Created by alphabetdem

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  • Annie

    Finnick's great love. Annie is one of those timeless choices that is great on a 1 year old and a 20 year old and a 90 year old.

  • Cecelia

    A double tribute and mother of three from District 8. Beautiful name that I hope doesn't become trendy.

  • Cinna

    Katniss' stylist at the games. He's a mentor and friend. I see this name as a spicy choice for a girl.

  • Clove

    Tribute from District 2. Clove is fierce and a bit bloodthirsty. Cloves are a spice used in both recipes and medicine, and the name comes from the latin word for "nails."

  • Cressida

    A filmographer in the rebellion. Cressida was a woman from the Iliad in a love triangle involving members on both the Trojan and the Greek sides.

  • Darius

    A lenient Peacekeeper who watches out for the district. An ancient choice that is still used occasionally.

  • Delly

    A girl at Katniss and Peeta's school.

  • Effie

    Mentor to the tributes from 12. A cute nickname.

  • Finnick

    A double tribute who seems to be one way and is actually a good, thoughtful person. I can't believe this name isn't in the NB database yet. It seems like a perfect, new long choice to get to the popular nickname Finn.

  • Gale

    One of Katniss' love interests, a strong and masculine character in the book. I love Gale on a boy, especially if you think of it as a nature name. Although it was originally a boy's name, it's been used on girls for so long that I can imagine the grandparents and great grandparents being shocked at the gender switch.

  • Hazelle

    Gale's mom. Most of us know this name as Hazel, and after spending a lot (LOT!) of years feeling old and musty, it's suddenly cute and fresh again.

  • Johanna

    Ms. Mason is a double tribute in the trilogy. She is sharp witted and fierce, but ultimately good hearted and helpful to the the districts and Katniss. This is the Latin spelling of Joanna.

  • Katniss

    Katniss is a strong, female protagonist, and an amazing role model for girls. I'd love it if her name was usable, but it's the least usable of the names, probably, along with Peeta. Katniss is a name of the plant Sagitteria, named for the archer in mythology.

  • Lavinia

    An Avox and tragic romantic figure. In Roman mythology, Lavinia was married to Aeneas and was viewed as the power behind the throne.

  • Maysilee

    Katniss has friend named Madge, Maysilee is her aunt and a tribute at the same games as Haymitch. If Maisie is a choice, maybe Maysilee can be too.

  • Octavia

    A member of Katniss' prep team with pea green skin. Octavia is another ancient name that feels new and feminine again, perhaps thanks to actress Octavia Spencer.

  • Portia

    Peeta's stylist. Portia was a wife of Brutus and a character in Shakespeare. Just don't name your daughter Porsche.

  • Posy

    Gale's little sister. Lovely, but better as a nickname.

  • Primrose

    Katniss' sister, known for her sweetness and cleverness, trained as a doctor in District 13. Evening primrose is a flower that blooms at night and an herb. IIn Victorian times it symbolized purity and to give it to someone meant "I don't want to be without you."

  • Peeta

    Peeta is one of Katniss's love interests and the male tribute from District 12. I consider this one of the less usable choices, mostly because I feel like I want to put chicken in it and take a bite. (A pita. It reminds me of a pita.)

  • Rory

    Gale's little brother. A unisex choice great as a full name or nickname.

  • Rue

    The female tribute from District 11 is small but strong, an appropriate namesake for a baby girl. Rue has an adorable sound for a baby, but the meaning of the word is "to regret." May give parents pause.

  • Seneca

    The first Head Gamemaker. It was the name of two Roman philosophers and it currently resides on a pro-football player.