Baby Girl's :)

A list of name's that my Husband and I are seriously considering for our future children. We love unique, uncommon, nature and word names. - Created by ToBe_MummaMadi

  • Alivia

  • Aniyah

    Meaning Gracious or Merciful

  • Anya

    Meaning Gracious or Merciful

  • Ari

    Meaning Lion

  • Aspen

  • Aloura

    Meaning My God is my Light

  • Avaline

    Meaning Life. Nickname Ava

  • Beatrix

    Meaning Blessed, She who brings Happiness. Nickname Trix

  • Calla

    Meaning Beautiful

  • Coralie

  • Evangeline

  • Evie

    Meaning Life

  • Elixcen

    Meaning Magical Potion

  • Halle

    Meaning Heroine

  • Jenessa

    Nickname Nessa

  • Jossalyn

    Meaning Little Goth. Nickname Joss

  • Lottie

  • Macy

  • Maya

  • Myar

  • Noa

    Meaning Rest or Peace

  • Naedeen

    Meaning Hope. We choose this name on behalf of my younger sister

  • Quintessa

    Meaning Essence. Nickname Quin

  • Rosie

    Meaning Rose Flower

  • Sage

  • Saidey

    Meaning Princess

  • Susannar

    Meaning Lily. We chose this one on behalf of my Husbands parents

  • Teighaar

  • Zofeyah

    Meaning Wisdom. Nickname Feyah