Huizinga Favorite Baby Names

First and middle name finalists for my future baby. I can't wait until we finally pick a name.
  1. Benjamin Kingsley
    • Charlotte Elizabeth
      • Dawson
        • Origin:

        • Meaning:

          "son of David"
        • Description:

          Dawson was scarcely heard as a first name before the debut of Dawson's Creek in 1998, at which point it leaped up more than 550 places in one year. The character Dawson Leery, played by James Van Der Beek, was a teen favorite until the show's demise in 2003.
      • Evelyn Riley
        • Landon James
          • Riley Elizabeth
            • Wyatt
              • Origin:

                English surname
              • Meaning:

                "brave in war"
              • Description:

                Wyatt has been hot, which is to say cool, for several years now. With its easy Wyatt Earpish cowboy charm, it's relaxed but still highly respectable.