Animal Names

Names that are after animal species or genders. Typically can be gentle or bold. Some, people won't even know are animal names until you tell them! - Created by GreenDinosaurusrex

  • Fox

    a little farther out there, but when you dwell on it for a long time is very unique and not too ugly. It might give someone an impression of curiosity or boldness. And your child doesn't have to have red hair to own this name!

  • Mare

    A female horse. It might seem a bit ludicrous, but this name grows on you. It leaves the impression much like a real mare, one of fiery/independent spirit that cannot be broken. Inspired by the Red Queen Series

  • Pike

    A fish. Pike just sounds natural to me. It sounds like your child could be one of nature, or with a plucky and energetic personality.

  • Wren

    A type of small bird