Boys Plant Names

Boys names that have to do with plants, flowers, etc - Created by geo5479

  • Acker

    from the oak tree

  • Ackley

    dwells at the meadow of the oak tree

  • Arlow

    barberry tree

  • Arrden

    great forest

  • Barkley

    birch tree meadow

  • Bentley

    from the bent grass meadow

  • Birch

    The Birch tree

  • Bradley

    from the broad meadow

  • Bramwell

    from the bramble bush

  • Florrian


  • Frazier

    forest man

  • Florence


  • Hawthorne

    where hawthorn trees grow

  • Heywood

    from the hedged forest

  • Harlow

    meadow of hares

  • Hawethorn

    where hawthorn trees grow

  • Kalen


  • Kingsley

    from the kings meadow

  • Kozue

    tree branches

  • Lander

    from the grassy plain

  • Landon

    Grassy plain

  • Leighton

    from the meadow farm

  • Marlow

    Marshy meadow

  • Oliver

    the olive tree

  • Orick

    from the ancient oak tree

  • Parker

    keeper of the forest

  • Rowan

    tree with red berries

  • Rutley

    from the root meadow

  • Sherwood

    the bright forest

  • Stockton

    tree stump settlement

  • Thorne

    from the thom tree

  • Vernon

    Alder tree grove