* Nature Names - The Arbor (aka Trees) *

Lovers of nature--and trees in particular--may enjoy selections from this list of classic and unique options. Many have mythologies attached; others are just fun. Please suggest more if you can think of any. - Created by itsjustme2407

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  • Acacia

    A less common alternative to Alicia, Alisha, Aisha.

  • Alder

    A distinguished alternative to all sorts of Al- and -er names.

  • Ash

    Gotta catch 'em all...

  • Aspen

    I'm really not a fan but this name does belong on the list. I still can't help being turned off by a rather snooty name with 'ass' anywhere in it.

  • Acorn

    So dang cute...

  • Argan

    A much lesser known tree-related option. Unfortunately, argan doesn't seem to have any cool mythology attached, but I suppose people might make Argonaut associations.

  • Banyan

    Fresh alternative to Brandon. Good for an adventurous type.

  • Bay

    Rather than Jay...

  • Birch

    Less stuffy, old mannish alternative to all things Bert.

  • Bodhi

    Very surfer chic with trendy Buddhist associations.

  • Boab

    Alternative to Boaz. Nickname Bo.

  • Bonsai

    Hahaha. You know you want to...

  • Cassia

    A way to name a daughter Cinnamon without dooming her to swing from a pole.

  • Cedar

    Alternative to Cesar.

  • Cypress

    Alternative to Cyrus. I like the nickname Cy, but Cyrus has always been too close to Virus for my tastes.

  • Chestnut

    Cute in theory but maybe not usable. Chest and Nut open all kinds of doors for ridicule.

  • Ebony

    Alternative to Emily.

  • Elm

    Alternative to Elmer.

  • Evergreen

    Ever and all kinds of Eve and Ev- names are catching on, so why not?

  • Frangipani

    Also known as plumeria. A lesser known, more elaborate Francesca, Frances alternative.

  • Hawthorn

    A bit stuffy, but Thorn is a nice nickname.

  • Hazel

    Always cute.

  • Hemlock

    Not to be confused with the poisonous herb.

  • Hibiscus

    A bit of a mouthful, but I can't help thinking it would make a decent alternative to Herbert.

  • Hickory

    Ha. Poor little Hick. I guess he can insist on being called Kory.

  • Jacaranda

    I've heard it pronounced both hac-ar-an-da and jac-ar-an-da. Both are pretty.

  • Juniper

    I've always preferred this as an alternative to Jennifer. Nicknames June and Juni are also nice.

  • Laurel

    A slightly less common, more delicate version of Laura.

  • Leaf

    Yeah, I know that it should be spelled Lief or Liev, but Leaf is good for a baby hippie (or hippie baby).

  • Lilac

    Lovely alternative to Lila, Lilah. Though I don't know how I feel about a name with lack anywhere in it.

  • Linden

    A much less overused alternative to all things Kaiden, Jaiden, Aiden, etc.

  • Larch

    Similar to Lars. Not the nicest sound though.

  • Mahogany

    A bit cumbersome, but I'm partial to it after being introduced to an adorable girl nicknamed Honi.

  • Maple

    Bring on the pancake jokes.

  • Magnolia

    A pretty classic. Nicknames Maggie, Lia.

  • Melaleuca

    The tea tree. Nicknames Mel, Mela, Luca.

  • Moringa

    A hardy African variety that makes for an interesting name. Alternative for Miranda.

  • Myrtle

    Not just for old ladies and whiny teenage ghosts.

  • Oak

    A strong one-syllable option for a sturdy, steadfast little lad.

  • Olive

    Still in wide use and getting more popular by the day. I don't approve of olives as a food, but this does make for a cute girl's name.

  • Oleander

    A less common alternative to Oliver. Also related to the heroic Leander. Nicknames Oli, Andy, Leo.

  • Palmetto

    There are plenty of -ette and -etta names for girls floating around, but few male counterparts. This would make an interesting option.

  • Plumeria

    Sweet scent and lovely flowers: What's not to like?

  • Ponderosa

    Based on Latin for strong and powerful. A big ponderous name for a serious girl.

  • Poplar

    The male equivalent of the increasingly popular Poppy? Just maybe...

  • Rowan

    Fairly mainstream but still nice.

  • Raffia

    Alternative to Rafael.

  • Rhododendron

    Nicknames Rhodey, Denny, Don, Ron.

  • Sequoia

    Love. Very unique with an understated majesty.

  • Spruce

    Alternative for Bruce

  • Saguaro

    Actually a cactus rather than a tree but close enough.

  • Sassafras

    Gotta love an excuse to use Sassy as a nickname.

  • Sumac

    Alternative to Susan that has a nice punch at the end. Nicknames Su and Mac.

  • Sycamore

    Alternative for Seymour.

  • Tamarind

    Alternative for Tamar and Tamara.

  • Teak

    Alternative for Zeke.

  • Willow

    A widespread classic.

  • Yew

    I like it in theory but not the best sound.

  • Yggdrasil

    Why is this not in use? I love it. Nickname Iggy (Yggy?) is fun.